girlz whom own Edith with shoulder strap.. are the metals attached discreet?

  1. hello sweet all.. those who own classic Edith with a shoulder strap.. i know it can be de-attached.. but.. when you remove the strap does it look like a normal edith or do you see metals sticking from behind the handles?
    are the metals attached discreet? or they bug u when you remove the strap? :shame:
    thank u very much in advance!! :heart:
  2. Hi-I found this in the reference library & they have some great photos of the edith messenger - I think it's pretty discreet & love the bag but don't have one :yes:
  3. I carry my messenger Edith without the straps and you can't even tell it's the messenger version unless you pull back the handles.
  4. :tup:I have one of these bags and I agree with Pandabear, you can't really notice the attached rings for the shoulder strap unless you pull back the handles (there is one ring attached to each handle). I originally had the Whisky colour Edith satchel without the handles,but sold it because I really need bags that I can carry on my shoulder.I should have really roadtested the first version that I bought, because I was hoping the handles would be long enough to wear on the shoulder, which they're defintiely not. I actually ended up losing quite alot of money when I resold on eBay too.:sad:

    I then bought the messenger version from NAP and I rarely use it because I think the shoulder strap plus the handles looks very clumsy when worn.In my opinion the shoulder strap really detracts from the sturdy/simplistic design of the Edith that I loved so much when I first saw it.Also I find that it's a bit of a faff negotiating the strap when you're trying to unzip the bag (especially when you're in a hurry to get it open).:cursing:

    If you are thinking of buying the messenger version and haven't already seen one IRL, it might be worth you having a look at one before you splurge out on it !;)

  5. I really should have written I don't have one yet :yes: I'm still have to hold out for mine until the day after Christmas & plan on using her w/ and w/ out the extra strap :yahoo:
  6. Oh my!! u girlz ROCK :jammin: thank u sOo:huh::huh:O much for this wounderful input!!
    dear purse4u many many thanks sweet heart for that link!! it really helped me a lot!! :flowers:

    pandabear thank u dearest for ur input :flowers:
    Tagullah maaaaaaaaaaany many thanks sweet heart for sharing all this info!! ur so kind :love:

    ehim.. so i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and got a shoulder edith!! wont till u which one!! will be a surprise and will post a thread when i get it :yahoo: