girly or pink trotter

  1. i always think they are the same line but I know that there is a difference, what does everyone thing about this??

    It seems like the girly line is more popular than the pink trotter collection (the older one, not the new romantique).. i find this somewhat surprising because i thought the trotter would be more popular because it is coated canvas .. which makes it more "durable" i guess

    or do people use girly line and pink trotter interchangeably? i always get thrown off by this because it seems like the pink trotter and the rain collection are the girly collection.. is there a distinction??

    to my understanding..the pink trotter is the pink coated canvas

    the girly is the canvas with flowers and the dior logo

    the pink rain is the clear pink logo, sometimes with some parts that are coated canvas..
  2. I love the Girly! I have one! loL! I love it because of the flowers! I just think it is sooo pretty!
  3. I have to say I do love my Girly Boston...but...I don't like using it much in case in gets dirty!
  4. Yep! The Pink Trotter line uses coated canvas while the Dior Girly line uses uncoated canvas. The reason why the Girly line is so much more popular is because it has fabric butterflies and blossoms on the bags, whereas the Pink Trotter line is just boston bags and messenger bags with the pink coated logo canvas (sometimes it has a "1" or "2", too). The butterflies and blossoms make the bag too cute and unique, which may be why it is so much more popular.
  5. I think I prefer the more subtle pink trotter, if you can call monogram anything subtle! The girly flowers are too young for me.

  6. yeah i could never convince me to that girlie frou frou either...its the age its the age ! :supacool:
  7. the girly boston is my all time favorite bag! i wish they were still available! i would totally buy another one, or two, or even three just for a collection. I also have the trotter large.