Girly Bags

  1. how many of you indulge in cutsy girly bags? The kind that's that doesn't quite match your outfits, or not the bag you'd, that is really nice! I've been kinda feeling this way lately. Anyways, this Marc bag caught my eye recently....don't really "need" it, but I kinda like it....yes, the pink round balls on the side of the bag too:amuse:.

    Anyone think this bag is cute?

    Guys, share some pics. of new "girly/cutsy" bags that may have caught your eye....
  2. hmm no I dont really like it - I think the pink balls on the side look cheap but thats JMO .
  3. Beach or mid summer look to me
  4. That looks like a Gerard Darel drape bag. I've got one on order in black!
  5. Well, I don't suppose you can get much more girly than the Dior 'Girly' line !


    I totally missed the boat on it though.. although I'll probably buy the small pink saddle that's still being made. ;)
  6. i have a dior girly bag. i still love it, no matter what others say :smile:
  7. It's nice to throw a quirky bag into the mix. I like it.
  8. ..
  9. ish, that is kinda similar in style...


  10. That's a gorgeous bag! but I can't have em all!!!!!!!
  11. The Dior Girly Pink is a little too cutsie for me. And as I say that, I have a mini saddle bag and matching wedges (presents). Ive only used them once!

    I honestly think the Murakami designed LV line is as girly as it gets!

  12. ohhhh, very very cute!


  13. I think so too!
  14. The Dior outlet in cabazon still had them a month ago, they were supposed to get more in too. Try calling them, its half price:biggrin:
  15. The "girliest" bag I have is this one:love:
    To be honest I don't think I've ever used it, but I will never part from it:shame: It is by far one of the cutest bags I have ever seen.
    Cherry Blossom.JPG