Girls, you've got to see..........

  1. 14 bids!:amazed: Are people NUTS?!:shocked:
  2. Oh man.. The cherry blossoms kind of look like they were cut out and glued on.. :sick:
  3. *lol* :lol:
  4. "It is very rare!" Don't you love how they always state that in fake bag auctions? That is one nasty bag.
  5. Eww!!! Wait- Since when have snakes become shiny,silver, and metallic? LOL!
  6. I Can't Remember What The Satin Bags Looked Like....Was There Pink CB? It Would Be Going For A Lot More.
  7. Whoa haha you girls know LV really made a collection like this called the Cherry blossom Satin right?
  8. its a frankenstein lv but i must say that wallet is....cute....omg did i just say that?? definitely not with the clashing silver trim though!
  9. Well, I'm having some trouble typing this due to my retinas being burned out by that horrible vision...that is ONE fugly bag!!!
  10. Wow!
    What a steal! Matching wallet too...

  11. What the fudge!?..that bag looks wierd
  12. gross
  13. Omg, someone actually wants to carry that around their arm. :blink:
  14. DAMNIT!!!! Someone beat me to that bag... HAHAHHA. [i am sooo just kidding.] Ya. There's a line called the Cherry Blossom Satin... The only bag I remember from this line was this one bag called the "Amerie"... it was in the shape of like a Sonatine? Then there's this only bag that I found on eBay...