Girls with Rosacea....I think I may have found something ....

  1. WONDERFUL!!!:yahoo:

    So as many of you know in recent weeks I was diagnosed with Rosacea(underlying Eczema) I was really upset but of course fellow PF'ers were AWESOME support:love: . So after doing a few searches online and around I came across this product ....I know you shouldnt go by testimonial on their biased site, But even readin the box at the drugstore...they've won many awrds and recognition from the chinese goverment. I WAS VERY VERY VVERYYYY SKEPTICAL!!!So just to make the "read" easier I decided to input it as a "journal" layout just so its easy on the brain and eyes!!!

    1st day: No change but using the bar made my skin feel very clean and nice....different....(Im no product noobie....on my counter at this current moment i have over 8 cleansers (khiels,ponds,lancome,avveno,cetaphil,neutrogena,bodyshop,aveda, and lots more that i can't think about......and so much more toners and creams....)...THe cream "kinda" burned on my skin..just minor spots for like a second here and there....

    2nd day: I woke up....and my cheeks were red.....and it kinda extended....I FLIPPED OUT!!!! but i thought...with any cleanser or product...usually the first few days your skin reacts oddly because of the "new product" so i continued........Cream kinda burned...cheeks stillr ed.....even till evening...

    3rd day:....Wake up....and my skin is a little less red....(and YES I DO NOTICE A DIFFERRENCE) the whole was hot today (unlike the other two days)so my skin was a little flushed all day
    but by evening even after a two alcohol drink (im asian and i turn BEET RED) get home do regimiine and i notive.....i only have minnor red.......spotting here and theere....but its not BIG "area".....My skin feels soft.....cream have stopped burning.....its starting to make a difference...i do see it.......

    Sorry I dont have a long "journal" entry but iw as so excited with the outcomes i had to inform my fellowe Pf'er as soon as change happened!!!:wlae:

    The stuff is caller Face can go on their websites...Face Doctor - Acne Treament and Medication


    ALSO THIS STUFF supposidly works very well for ADULT ACNE as well!!!

    I'll be sure to update this...and if anyone else has experience with this product!! PLEASE KEEP US INFORM AS WELL!!!!


  2. Thanks for this info. I just ordered a bar to try.
  3. Day 4: I woke up basically with no redness except minor spotting...(yea i know wierd...) its liek large freckles but just redness (not like pimples).....its odd....but that was there before using skin looks alot better (p.s today was a hot day.....)...
  4. Update: I dont know if anyone really still reads this...but my skind after 6 days HAS SIGNIFICANTLY improved!!!.....its pretty cool....dont really know much else to say......
  5. I think that is absolutely wonderful! I know how good it feels to have clear skin. It just makes you feel confident and wonderful. Congrats on finding this new product. You have convinced me to give it a try!
  6. Thanks very much for sharing this. The details on the site about what they think it is kind of freak me out but I'm going to give this a shot and order one now.:shame::yes:
  7. I just ordered a sample bar, too. I hope it works. Thanks for sharing!

    (I'm on antibiotics, both oral and topical and they are doing NOTHING for my rosacea! I'm still red and bumpy all over, all the time. YUCK!!!)
  8. Kristy: Did you get the cream too?? I think the cream works better (i tried today without using the bar and just the cream and i noticed my skin is just as great!!!) i've decided to use the bar only 3 times a other cleanser the rest of the week.....the cream (which is REALLY REALLY LIGHT).....i dont know if its my rosacea or excema but my skin just soaks it up...basically feels like i never put cream on it....(so i guess i'll use it just soley for its reason of helping my rosacea and not moisturizing my skin). I EVEN wear my NIGHT CREAM on top of it during night time and *during the day* ( and i live in western canada!!*oh the humidity!!*) and absolutley no greasiness!!! so this cream does not interfere with my other "regimine" of skin care........

    the cream is basically not even a dissapears like a "gel"...

    SORRY If I'm blabbing about this product too much....i feel like a spokesperson......*blush*........
  9. Ewww, I know. All that talk about Demodex mites. I ordered a bar, and am waiting for it to arrive.
  10. Miss V thank you for sharing! I'm going to keep this in mind if my current routine quits working...I read on the rosacea board about Avene so I'm using their Micelle cleansing lotion, water mist, Ystheal cream (key ingredient is retinaldehyde which is a very mild form of retin A and usually well tolerated which is supposed to help with breakouts/bumps) and also La Roche Posay Rosaliac during the day (love this, it's green tinted and perfect for reducing redness and totally cools my face down). Noticed a BIG improvement immediately using this routine just this week!

    For me personally, using even tap water on my face irritates it. I find w/the Micelle lotion and rinsing with the Avene water mist, my face seems much calmer. My skin has been going berzerk lately, think it's due to allergies and change of seasons :sad: I've been flaring a lot.

    And I agree w/the other gals - the mite theory is so :sad: but it could be true! Keeps us informed as to your results :flowers:
  11. Thanks Twinklette for the other product recommendations! Will keep that info in mind.

    MissV - no I didn't get the cream, but I'll remember that.

    Does anyone else here have the papulopustular form of rosacea? The one with lots of little itty bitty bumps? My face flushes a little bit but mostly it's the annoying bumps that are sometimes flesh-colored, sometimes red and rashy.
  12. Kristy I DO. I have bumps a LOT. That's the worst part of my's very frustrating and difficult to treat unfortunately. I found for me though, after much trial and error, that I can't use ANYTHING (shampoo, cleansers, etc.) with any of the sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate in it. I get tons of bumps when I do especially on my forehead. So that really limits me especially for shampoos :crybaby: I only use Paves sulfatefree and it's a god send.
  13. So how is it going girls?
  14. Do you just use it on the red areas -- or your entire face? THANKS!!
  15. entire face...and left it on for about 30 second before washing it off..