Girls with Reissue bag....question

  1. Hi, I just recently bought a reissue bag....and though it is beautiful, there is one thing bagging me a lot about this bag. It seems like everytime I put my bag down for something, and pick it up agian then chain starts to tangle like crazy. I have to de-tangle it everytime I let my bag sit somewhere. It doesn't do this while I'm wearing a bag......but it's quite annoying. I'm sure it's because how chain is made with many links put together.....

    How are you girls dealing with it? I asked my SA and she said that's how it is with this this bag worth having to deal with this all the time????:confused1:
  2. The tangling doesn't really go away, hehe. I have the 227 so when I put the bag down next to me, it is sitting upright and usually the chain hangs and doesn't get tangled. Sometimes the chain gets tangled in one or two links, but I don't really mind. I love the chain, it feels like heavy jewellery to me :love: but if starts to bother you, then maybe it is not the bag for you. Hope this helps :smile:
  3. I've only worn my twice so far and I know what you mean. It does sometimes get a kink in it the chain. It pulls out easily though. I wish it didn't kink and sometimes, I'm afraid it might break, but it always pulls right back out. I do love this bag though.
  4. I just detangle it. It doesn't bug me at all. I love my reissues.
  5. ^^^^^

    I feel the same.
  6. Hm, I think having to detangle doesnt bother me because it gives me an excuse to touch and admire my bag in public without looking like a lunatic. LOL.
  7. Thanks for all your opinions! I don't kno, bag is really beautiful.....I always wanted to have a reissue bag and the color is to TDF. I might have to just deal with tangle....
  8. That's so funny!

    The new chains (I'm not talking about the MC, just the newer chains) seem to tangle. My old bags don't. It is kind of annoying in that you'd think they would have come up with a better chain in the design process. It's almost sloppy of them.

    If I didn't have old bags to compare, I probably wouldn't have thought about this.
  9. the tangling doesn't bother me at all. i love my reissue too much that the tangling isn't a big deal at all to me.
  10. The tangling does not bother me either...
  11. Just 1 or 2 links tangle for me, no trouble at all! Love my Reissue
  12. hmmm mine hasnt done that yet but i love the chain!!