Girls with noes and bandeaus!

  1. Hi noe lovers! Those of who have the scarfs instead of the leather thread, what size do you use?
    Because on there are different sizes etc, so I just wanted to know!
    Thanks and also,if i do get a noe, do you think a mono scarf will look too much with a mono noe? Or do you think i should get a scarf from a different line with the mono?
  2. i would go with a diffrent line for the scarf. Im also looking for a nice vintage Noe that i can use and not feel soooo guilty about when i ruin it because i want to use it everyday! Im thinking one of the LVoe bandeaus or one of the Etoile's.

    Im considering the same thing (a scarf instead of the leather cord) i think i saw it on another tPF'ers epi noe and fell in love!!!
  3. ^ yes it looks gorgeous thats why i thought about getting a noe in the first place but ive only seen the scarfs on the epi noe, i would love to see a mono noe with a scarf!
  4. lol thats odd about 5 mins after i wrote that post i found the most perfect little vintage Mono Petite Noé on eBay!

    Posted in the authentication thread and it turned out good :smile: so i purchased! Once its here i shall take a few pics of it with scarves and the like :smile: I dont currently own any LV ones but i'll see what i can find!

  5. krispin41 has the blue etoile bandeau on her mono noe!

    I don't have any LV scarves for mine epi noe, but I would look for something at least 40" long. I tried a coach headband scarf, which is 32" (I think hermes twillys are the same length) and it was a smidge too small for a nice bow.
  6. oh congrats nickky! yaya cant wait for pics! did you get it for a good price?!
    thanks remptysky! i will have a look and see if i can find pics xx
  7. well i think it was a good price £94 (or $190) its a little beat up but thats exactly what i wanted! it means i wont feel so bad if i ruin it by using it everyday :smile:

    i shall post pics as soon as its here.
  8. thats great! Yay for you! I really want a noe now, there was a pf r on the noe club who had left it untied at the top and imo it looked soo much better!
    yeh i think i would prefer to get a vintage one rather than a new one, because i would prob end up using it for uni!
    Did you get it from America? x
  9. Here's my Petite with my Etoile Bandeau.

  10. Mick had a pic up of her noes with the leopard scarf and the champs elysees scarf bandeau. They were sooo beautiful. Maybe you can do a search I think there's a thread that shows a whole bunch of different ones.

    I actually bought a champs elysees bandeau because I hope to get a mini Noe some day to use it with.

    Is this yet another new purchase luvapug? LOL
  11. wow that looks beautiful!!! she still hasnt arrived but she is coming from the USA, i need to be patient!
  12. ahh it looks soo pretty!!! But I tried the noe on at the boutique and it just didnt look right, it did what i was afraid of and made my hips look big! xx Love everyones though, they look great! xx