Girls with Coussin GM??

  1. Hi Ladies, I'm usually dabbling around the Chanel forum. But I've stopped by LV at times.. I love the Coussin GM. How do you ladies like this bag? I love the nice strap length and the pillow shape! So cute and uncommon. I don't see many people in Houston with this bag. What are the pros and cons of this bag?? I already have a LV shoulder bag, the Popincourt Haut. So I don't want to get something that has an identical function as the PH, you know? Thanks! :p
  2. I love the shape, it's unusual. Check the visuals thread, I know Karman has one.

    Pro: cute

    Con: too slim
  3. I'd like the coussin more if it was wider
  4. Ooo! :nuts: Yes, like bagsnbags said, I do have one.
    I haven't used it much since it's winter now, but it was my very first monogram and I love it.

    Pros: very cute and unique, holds enough (for me at least), straps don't slide off the shoulder easily, comfortable, has zip top and outside patch pocket (very convenient).
    Cons: zipper can be hard to open, vachetta corners are high-maintenance, bag might look a little weird if you have too few things in there.
  5. So it's more of a small bag than a tote bag like the PH. I don't carry much in my bags anyway. I love it. I knew I'll be sucked bag to LV from time to time. Especially with the Feb price increase, it's time to stock up! I have a feeling they'll discontinue this style. :sad:
  6. A little small for me, but cute, if you like it, you should go for it :smile:
  7. To me, "small" is like a pochette accessoires :lol: But to many girls, I think yes, this would be considered a pretty small bag. Like you, I don't carry very many things in my bag, and in fact I think that the Coussin is a tad too big for me :smile:
  8. I have the Coussin and I love it!

    I like the fact that the shape is unique. I have yet to see another brand have a shape like this one. Also love the red lining, shoulder length straps, front pocket and for me the size is perfect. I only carry my digi camera, wallet, cell, keys and lipstick.

    Hate the vachetta corners, they get dirty!! And I agree they are high maintenance. The zipper sometimes is hard to open (requires two hands).

    Overall I love the bag and wouldn't trade it for anything.
  9. I love my coussin! Its the perfect size for me as my everyday bag. It fits everything I need: wallet, cell, lip gloss, compact, lotion, keys, and tissue. I also think the outer pocket comes in handy.

    Once in a while the straps do fall off my shoulders when I have the bag directly under my arm. To make it stay on my shoulders and out of my way, I have to push the bag behind me, if that makes any sense :smile: Something that does bother me is the top flattens and lose shape because of my arm. I like the top of the bag to puff out. When I'm not using my coussin, I stuff it with an old towel to bring back the shape but it doesnt help.
  10. I found that if you cross the outer strap UNDER the inner strap, it doesn't fall off your shoulder. ;)
  11. ^^ Thanks! I'll try that tomorrow. I never pay much attention since I normally just throw my bag on and go :yes: :flowers:
  12. Good info!! I was thinking about getting a coussin. All this info helps. =)
  13. When I tried the Coussin on at the store I had a hard time with the zipper around the corners. Does that get better as the bag "softens" up?
  14. I've had mine for almost 6 months and the bag hasn't even softened up.
  15. Thanks! I loved the look of the Coussin when I saw it on a friend and immediately went to LV to try it on. I was really turned off by the "sticky" zipper. I still like the look of the bag but I wasn't sure about having the bag for the "long haul."