Girls wish me luck..finally tracked down a cordovan faridah rop

  1. The store wont open for a while..since its in the west coast..I am really hoping they still have this bag..i wont be i have asked dh to call them up..lets see how this goes:s Thanks for reading..
  2. good luck! my fingers are crossed for you!
  3. good luck! i'm sending bag-getting vibes your way.
  4. Good Luck!!
  5. I hope you get it and good luck! Crossing my fingers for you :tup:
  6. thankyou guys :smile:
  7. Well i called the Nordstrom South Coast Plaza store and the SA checked with the Manager and called me back saying they dont have it in the store anymore :hysteric: Well there you go...i am back where i started :sad:
  8. Were they able to check if any other Nordstrom locations have the bag?
  9. ^^No they did'nt do that..but i did call my local store and SA said he will check and let me know :hrmm:
  10. I have a SA from south coast plaza, that hunts down everything for me. =) She's not even from the handbag section!
  11. Aww that is really awesome..
  12. Aww, mjfan, sorry to hear that you weren't able to locate your bag. I know how you feel when you're so close and you get all psyched cause you're about to close in on that ever elusive bag but then it doesn't work out for whatever reason. Keep trying, I'm sure you'll find one eventually! Don't even know what this one looks like, otherwise I'd say that I'd keep my eyes peeled for ya.
  13. This one [​IMG]in red..thankyou so much for your kind words:smile:
  14. aww sorry but im sure itll pop up! good luck later! its goegrous!
  15. ^^^ thanks :smile:i really have a feeling i am going to find this..