Girls who own a Vert D'eau. I have a question!

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  1. Does your bag get very dirty? How are the handles holding up in terms of darkening?
  2. I don't have Verty but a Seafoam and let's say, I have to be more careful when using it in comparo to my other bags...
    And I don't use the handles but the strap to void dirty-ing the handles :smile:
  3. Mine is perfect. I sprayed it with Apple Guard and I keep the handles conditioned with Apple Conditioner so they don't absorb, then I also spray them frequently with Apple Guard since it does wear off. If you are carrying a light bag everyday, if you spray it at least once a month with Apple Guard it won't get dirty. If it does get a little dirty on the corners it usually wipes right off and doesn't sink into the leather.
  4. I have had my Vert for over a year and the handles still look pretty new - just stretched out :yes: I used LMB "Handles Only" on them. I'm reapplied maybe 2x, but I think you're suppose to do it every month or so. I bet if I did the handles would be perfect.
  5. my handles are fine, but, my corners are pretty sad, cus i walk around quite abit and use it by the strap, so i guess friction. ):
  6. Good question! I hadn't thought of that...I'll have to be careful!
  7. Good to know that the protectants work on light bags! I sooo want a Vert d'eau or similar! I'm cursed with the desire for mostly light bags I guess!

    By the way, I have a pale rose and the handles are just the slightest bit dark, very light, but it's there. I certainly dont want them to get any darker, can I use some sort of protectant (apple guard, for handles only) now to prevent further darkening, or since they are already a smidge dark it wont work?
  8. I haven't carried my Vert D'eau but once or twice and I think I, too, need to spray and protect it especially the handles. Has anyone tried Vectra???? My SA at Neiman's says it is the best for protection.
  9. I have VD and I haven't sprayed anything on her! She has a few scratches, but for the most part she's clean! I will admit I definitly have to baby her a little bit, but she's worth it. I usually carry her by the shoulder strap, or by her handles in the crook of my elbow. I've heard that bags break in better by not using any products on it, thats why I didn't apply anything to her. And I'm glad I didn't--she's breaking in BEAUUUTIFULLY!
  10. I have one and she is a little dirty. I need to invest in apple guard!

  11. Do you apply the apple conditioner all over or just for the handles? Is there any fading to the color?
  12. I am about to order my VD and now am little worried, although I know lighter bags are harder to maintain, I guess I will just have to condition, condition, condition & spray, spray, spray!!:nuts:
  13. you'll love it! I got mine a couple of days ago.. and its gorgeous!

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  14. On a side note, that bag is gorgeous :nuts:
  15. thank you!:smile: