girls, what's the diff between the color fire engine and rouge vif?

  1. I'm confused............
  2. I think they're the same thing :confused1: someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. yup i've heard SA's at BalNY call the red from FW06 both of those names
  4. It seems like the SAs tend to give the color names a new interpretation from the french ones to better describe the color.. IMO.
  5. ^I agree. I think the SA's are so used to dealing with people who (unlike us here at TPF) don't know the technical names of the bags, so they use actual descriptive words.

    Rouge VIF is bright red. GORGEOUS!
  6. They are the same color. Fire engine red is rouge vif and rouge vif is fire engine red. :p
  7. I found a link :
    atelier.naff: Rouge red

    maybe it helps to understand.

    BTW, I thought Sienna Miller has the color rouge vif, but this website said that she has a "true red" one but not rouge vif. ehmmmmmmm.......
  8. what does the VIF mean??
  9. There was a thread on that awhile back. The French to English dictionary indicates that vif means "shocking."