girls what do u think of this bag and its price

  1. my nearest outlet has chelsea leather satchels for $159 in chocolate. ur thoughts about the bag as well as the price

  2. Are you talking about the retail bag, or the factory line?? And do you mean the zip or turnlock satchel, or the boot tote? I'm assuming based on price you mean the factory bags. That's actually the only factory bag that I have, in the cobalt color, the zip satchel. I love the pebble grain, and it's a nice bag. It's not my favorite but I like having a bag that's more reasonably priced that I don't have to worry about in the weather, etc. It's a nice style and will fit on my shoulder too, which I like. I believe I got mine for about $125 or maybe a little less around the Xmas extra sale time (when they had add'l 10% off). I guess for now $159 is a good price, and I love that new pink color.

    I do have to say I like the retail turnlock satchels better, just because I have a fancy for turnlocks and the overall look of that one a tad better. Off Fifth Saks has all the retail Chelsea stuff, pebble leather, python, and including the beautiful vintage pebble mineral bags... Great prices too because there's an extra sale going on.
  3. its the one with turnlock. i mean the retail one
  4. I like the Chelsea Turnlock Satchel with the turnlock. The pebble leather
    can be worn in all types of weather and that is a big plus for me. That price is great!
    If you like it then you should get it! If you don't like it don't get it for the price.
    Any bag at any price is not worth it if you don't love it. Don't settle and get
    what you really love.
  5. wow the turnlock chelsea is in outlets for 159? i say definitely go for it! i have the chelsea in black/gray and i LOVE my bag... so worth it!
  6. Well I had a chelsea satchel in siggy and LOVED the bag.. if you can use a satchel I say go for it! :tup: For that price you really can't go wrong either and that leather will be great!!!! :yes:
  7. That is an AWESOME price! I'd gotten the Toffee Chelsea Satchel (w/ turnlock) from the Outlet a while back and I think its price was around $200 so you're definitely getting it for a GREAT deal! Would love to see pics when/if you decide to get her!
  8. isnt the retail 298$ on this ? Dang that is a great deal!
  9. just did a search on eBay and they are going for 199+
    BIN at about 259 +
  10. So since cuz i'm fairly new to coach do I understand this right.. this bag is a factory bag ?

    and this is a retail bag ?

  11. Yes, you got them right!
  12. thank you,
  13. GO FOR IT!! the purse is super cute!