Girls, What color shoes and HandBag with this outfit?

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  1. :yes:

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  2. Black,and black clutch/bag perhaps. Its a beautiful dress with alot going on, so you want to keep your accessories pretty basic in order for the dress not to over power you.
  3. I am with Prada on this one.:yes:
  4. I agree too. Black would be best.
  5. white or gold or silver bag

    depending on the bag, flat tan leather flip flops, metallic stiletto sandals, or strappy black sandals
  6. Completely with Prada on this one too.. black and black. The dress is the focal point- not anything else you are wearing. FABULOUS outfit!!!
  7. def. black and black.
  8. Agreed!!
  9. Another vote for black. I think metallics might look a little too Vegas. White patent might be cute, though not for winter with that dress.
  10. Black/Black. I would also try out light gold.
  11. I would have to agree, black/black. Maybe also try white/white.
  12. Hmm I agree that black and black would be beautiful but I also think that gold metallic stilettos with barely there straps would be great with that dress!
  13. Agree with Prada et al.... Black on Black!:yes:
  14. I would recommend black for all your accessories. Also, I would not wear a necklace with that dress, maybe just a pretty pair of hoops or one chunky bracelet. Btw, the dress is lovely!
  15. I like a little metallic Gold to the dress. Thin strappy gold heels + Gold clutch = gorgeous!