girls w choc coach bags

  1. whta colour clothes do u wear them w?
  2. Well I HAD a chocolate bag and I didn't change my outfits or bags at all.. I wore it with anything and everything I wear. :tup:
  3. Me too! I have a chocolate Carly and wear it with anything! :smile:
  4. I have a brown ali and it goes with everything! I use brown as a neutral more than I do black in my wardrobe!
  5. I wear my choc. carly with everything.
  6. everything including black? i have posted on this b4. i usually end up wearing both brown and black in the course of a wk and hate changing my bags every 2 days!
  7. I think the chocolate can work with black. I know some people have a rule against it but I think it looks great with most colors and is a terrific choice for fall.
  8. I just bought the chocolate legacy shoulder bag and that is MY FALL/WINTER bag (I dont change bags daily/weekly/etc)....I am going to be wearing her w/ WHATEVER I am wearing! She has black/VERY DARK brown undertones, and in certain lights appears to be black to me!!!!! IMO, brown is like black and can be worn w/ anything!!!! I even saw in one of the magazines the chocolate brown IS the new black!!!! Hope that helps!!!!
  9. :yes: even with black!
  10. I usually wear whatever I feel like wearing, but do try to stay away from black pants or navy pants/jeans. I find that they clash a little too much, or I try to coordinate the shirt that I am wearing with the purse.
  11. Just got my today...LOOOOOVE it and will wear 24/7 with everythig =)
  12. I match things a little bit.
    For me, if I wear brown shoes, my belt and bag should be brown.
    If I wear black shoes, my belt and bag should be black.
    IMO it's a fashion rule of thumb. But it does have exceptions. Like all black (a dress or pants and top) looks great with a yummy brown leather bag and tall brown boots. and vice versa. Hope that helps!!
  13. I think chocolate brown works with everything! It's my favorite color because its so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Love it!
  14. I have a medium choc. carly and I wear it w/ everything.
  15. I usually carry my choc. carly when I'm wearing browns, golds, ivories, things in that family