girls vs boys

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  1. ok, so i have always wanted a daughter...and now that i am having a girl im kinda nervous and a lil freaked out. so for those that have sons and daughters what are the main things that you noticed are different with them?
  2. There are a LOT of differences! In my experience, girls pick up much more easily on facial expressions. Girls tend to be much more verbal than boys (i.e talk non-stop). Additionally, my daughter understood how to annoy her brothers VERY early on. Even when she was barely verbal, if she said something and one of her brothers got upset by it, she would smile and do it again... and again. She understood the finer points of relationships much more quickly than her brothers. She has also been much more bossy than her brothers; if no one else will take charge of a situation, she will step right up! She is more affected by how others feel. Me saying I am disappointed about something has a much bigger impact on her than on her brothers, who tend to need something more concrete.

    Now, part of this might have to do with the fact that she is also a third child, and not simply because she is a girl, but before I had both boys and girls I tended to discount the idea that boys and girls are inherently different. But in my experience they definitely are.
  3. I notice at playgrounds and play groups that girls very early on 'talk' to each other while boys 'play' with each other and I also notice on icky days when it's not nice to play outside that the indoor play areas at the malls are 3 boys to every girl and a lot of times it's that the girl has brothers. I think more boys need to RUN than girls do (though all kids have that need and some more than others, obviously).

    I don't know about the nonverbal cues as my 3 year old has always been keenly aware of emotions. When he was stil under two and we were in the store he said when he say a perplexed look on my face (I couldn't find what I was looking at), "Is something troubling you Mama?" I was floored.
  4. hautemama - what you described sounds like my youngest knows exactly how to pick on his older brother and he does it with pleasure. they both can be bossy and they both go through the "talking non stop" time.

    my last experience with a baby girl was when my youngest sister was born...and i was 15 at the time. so 15 yrs has gone by...all my friends have had boys, all my family has had boys. wow...i just thought of that...i will be having the first girl in the family since my little sister...WHOA!!
  5. Changing diapers is different. :P Other than that my little girl has been around boys her entire life so she is a little rough. (2 nephews and 2 younger uncles) I def. can agree that she learned how to annoy her uncles very early on and that she is the boss.
  6. ^ A lot of the responses indicate that things I took for granted as "girl" behavior may, instead, be more related to the individual than gender. Actually, that is good to know! Neither of my boys has ever gone out of his way, with a little grin, to annoy me or each other, but my daughter does. It is good to know that this may be due more to the personalities involved than to gender!
  7. :roflmfao:

    I think depends on what kind of girl you're getting. Not all girls are alike. I had the chance to babysit both my younger brother and sister because of the huge age gap between us (which subsequently put me off wanting to have children for the longest time).

    I noticed my brother preferred toys that were functional like a tool kit while my sister would prefer vanity toys like My Little Pony and little figurines with portable play houses. Brother wasn't into fashion he'd wear just about anything I put on him, sister started getting fussy since 6 mo. when she'd kick a huge fuss and scream at the top of her lungs if she had to wear T-shirt and shorts. She'd insist on wearing frilly dresses with ribbons. Behavior-wise, brother was easy-going and unassuming. Sister was scheming always trying to get attention, and was more articulate at a much younger age. I was not a normal girly-girl I remember playing with boys' toys and my favorite color was blue, my parents described my character to be more like my brother's - easy going, mixing with boys in playschool and kindergarten, and I had little tolerance for plastic dolls and girlie stuff. So I don't know let's just see what girl you'd be getting. :yes:
  8. My boys are very physical...they don't hold grudges.....they already try to hold in their emotions. My daughter already (at 6) knows how to play mindgames and manipulate! She wears her heart on her sleeve too. She is a little more intuitive than her brothers and smart as hell. Not saying my boys aren't smart - she is just different. Both sexes are wonderful to raise.
  9. My daughter is super-sweet. She's not a typical girly-girl with dolls, princesses, etc. She loves animals and bugs. She can be sensitive at times, but not overly so and we haven't had to deal with many tantrums (she's almost 5 years-old now). My son, on the other hand, is very hot-headed and stubborn. He is also super-picky about things being "just right." He needs the seam on his socks to be straight, his cereal bar to stay in one piece, etc. I feel like my son is a bit more dramatic than my daughter. However, he is a typical boy with an obsession for car, trucks, or anything with wheels...
  10. my daughter is very sweet, kind, likes babies and other kids, interacts well, very stubborn, but has a sensitive way about her. my son is very sensitive, but i don't see him being as in-tune with people as my daughter is. also, he just likes to have fun, tumble, eat, etc. not so concerned about others as my daughter is. also a maturity factor, my daughter is way more mature as well. she was advanced emotionally as well.
  11. That is so interesting that you said that about facial expressions. My daughter always waitf for my facial expression and has made me very aware of how important that is in our communication ! I never noticed this with my son. My son seemed much more verbal which is not the norm I know. My daughter is very verbal but doesn't seem to have as many words as he has that she uses regularly but has a lot and understands more than she uses. She is also more of a risk taker and much more aggressive and resistant to limit setting. My son being first born is much more of a parent pleaser, My duaghter couldn't give a blank what we care about or how we react. My daughter which is not the norm is much more physical, climbing etc, son was never a climber. I think birth order has something to do with it as well. The one think I can say is that it is great, after having a boy to be able to do hair and bond with her with beauty treatments and girly things and dolls and "my little pony's" my poor son had to deal with all of this before she came along !
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    Since I had both at the same time the differences are sooo obvious. My son was always first for action events, crawling, walking, escaping from his crib whereas my daughter always observed him and then she picked it up about a month or so after. She has always been first for speaking and always wanting to learn something new. My son I have to sit on him in order for him to learn something new......he's just tooo busy! I also notice that my son is sooo much more kissy kissy than my daughter. He always has to be underneath me whereas my daughter can take it or leave