Girls under 5'3" and the Morning After Bag

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  1. I can't seem to find the Mini version in stores. I love big bags, but I'm 5'2" and I don't want to look ridiculous. I am looking for pictures of petite girls with the MAB, feedback from other petite gals that own the MAB, and advice in general as to which is preferable and more comfortable to wear - the mini or the full-size. Thanks!​
  2. I'm sure Desi will post a response to you on this soon! She'll be a total enabler and tell you to buy a MAB -- short gals look cute with big bags!

    I'm barely 5'0 and I *personally* prefer the MAMs (right now anyways!). I was playing around w/ the notion of buying a MAB in Night/Gold Crackle from Bloomingdales two days ago since they have that awesome promotion going on. Unfortunately, it just didn't work for me. I just didn't feel it -- but I think that there is no reason why someone who is petite can't rock this bag!

    Have you tried the MAB on before? If you like it, and like the way it feels, then I say get it! :tup:
  3. I don't have a picture yet (will put one up later). I just got a MAB. Initially I thought it looked too big, but I'm used to little bags (think indie handmade fabric bags) and it was stuffed with paper to keep its shape.

    I tried again yesterday with less paper and it's a good size. It's definitely not oversized when I carry it on my arm. If it's stuffed, it only seems bulky when I carry it on my shoulder and you look at me head on. It looks fine if it's not stuffed and I can squish the bag in a little so it's not so wide beside my tiny torso.

    I'm 5'0", 100 lb. If I were to get another bag, I'd get the MAM, cuz I don't need that much space. But I don't regret the MAB at all! I'm always complaining I don't have a good carry on bag for plane and this will be perfect.
  4. Okay I don't have any pics to show, maybe if I put my love for RM's aside for awhile I would be able to replace the camera I broke. Anyway, us Petite girls can TOTALLY rock a MA bag!!!! I'm 5'3 and I love big bags! I love the fact that I can fit all my essentials in the MA and have enough room to put an extra pair of shoes and / or a sweater inside. < That's why its a great bag for gals on the Go. As for which is more comfortable, both will rest on the shoulder and you can also purchase an extra strap from the RM website. It all comes down to what your needs are. If you can't find the mini in stores you should consider purchasing online; there are tons of websites that sell RM with great return policies (Luna Boston, Label360, Revolve, etc.). If possible, I would purchase both sizes so that you can make a comparison and decide which size will work best for you. You never know you may fall in love with both sizes :love: Good Luck and keep us posted.
  5. Thanks Optik! Yes, I purchased the MAB in Night/Gold yesterday... I'm loving it! It's a tad big, but like I said... love big bags! Just because I love something doesn't mean that I won't look ridiculous in it. I don't regret the purchase at all because I bought it for a great price at the Bloomies private sale. I don't have a bag this big.. so it's good to have! I think my next bag will be a MAM though...

    I worry more than the Black/Gold won't look good when the weather gets warm, even though it's part of the new collection.

    Great idea Maddog! My purses are never quite big enough for travel.
  6. Here are my pics in the photo thread. I'm 5'1".

    With a regular size elephant (post #28):

    With a violet mini (post #60):

    I totally think a short person could use the larger bag, but take into consideration the stiffness of the leather. A stiffer leather like elephant will feel bigger cuz it doesn't conform as well to your side, kwim?

    I say just go with the bag that will hold your stuff. I don't carry much so the MAM works best for me personally.

    Definitely share pics of our night/gold bag! I love seeing IRL pics of that bag.:girlsigh:
  7. The MAM and the MAB look great on short girls. Im a shorty (all 5'3 of me) and I love me my big ol bags! My MAB (chocolate) is one of my favorite bags and I could care less if it looks too big or not. Its just more chocolate LUV, KWIM??:graucho:
  8. I miss the modelling pics at this forum..
    Its nice to see pictures of the bag itself.. but it would be more nicer if its modelling pics.
  9. LOL optikangel you know me too well! Yes I think short gals look adorable with big bags! :flowers:

    I like getting the MAB for neutral everyday wear bags, and MAM's for the funky colors.. But i have wound up with MAB's since the colors have been harder to find in the MAM's
  10. I do that too! My MABs have been in basic neutral colors and I get all funked out with the colors on the MAM, like the Emerald, Wine, and Royal!
  11. I'm just under 5'3 & I think the MAB is too big for me, but he Mini is PERFECT!
  12. ^^GUNG great minds think alike!
  13. At the moment I have one of each, and love them both. I'm 5'2, and prefer the MAM, but I don't think the MAB looks rediculously out of proportion.
  14. I'm 5'2" and sold my MAB because I thought it was too big on me. I would have kept it if the bottom wasn't so wide...
  15. I have a MAB and i'm 5'2".. I love the size and everything that i can fit in it.