Girls, This is it! Authentic White Blondie Bowler on Ebay!

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  1. Thanks!!
  2. OMG awesome. I will bid for sure.
  3. The seller is legit!!
  4. very nice!
  5. girls, relax on the bidding thing....4 days left and already in the 400 dollars...
  6. nice bag!
  7. Does anyone know retail on this bag?
  8. $400? it's now at $765!!
  9. I think retail was somewhere between $1000 and $1200
  10. I bet that auction will go over the $1500's...
  11. ^ yeah, because all pf members are going to bid now, lol.

    it's gorgeous, that's for sure. :drool:
  12. retail was $1150..
  13. why is it at $950..doesn't people notice how dirty it is? and trust me, it won't come clean.. im talking from experience..
  14. woops i meant $910