Girls Opinion Please! Denim Baggy PM?

  1. I adore it, I'm currently saving up to purchase something for the denim line.. the mini pleaty. :biggrin: Good luck with your decision!
  2. don't have it, LOVE it, GET IT!!!!!
  3. i loooooove the baggy pm in denim. thats the one i decided to save up for out of the whole denim line. its very cute! and its nice to have a shoulder bag.
  4. Love the Denim Baggy GM more! ;p But the PM is cute~!
  5. I love the Denim Baggy PM also...I always thought that was the 1st LV bag I wanted, but I went for a mono speedy instead. However, I do plan on getting a denim pm. I say go for it, gurl!
  6. love it!!! i want the fuschia baggy pm :yahoo:
  7. I love mine and have it in blue--this is the only LV bag that I own that gets compliments on a regular basis. If you're looking for a gently used one, let-trade has it in green.
  8. A very smart, casual bag!
  9. love it! I have the baggy pm in the blue and have been thinking about the green.I think its a great bag, perfect size and for the size holds a lot.
    Its great that its light weight and durable.

    I want one in all colors :biggrin: I like this bag over the noe speedy.
  10. Have it and love it! One of my favorite everyday bags!
  11. ITA. the shoulder strap is very comfy!
  12. I love my Denim Baggy PM! It is so unique and looks fantastic!
  13. totally agree! I love the strap on this bag.
  14. Love it!!