Girls Night In Sale For UK Gals!!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've just come back from the fantastic Girls Night In sale. One of the best sales I've been to in a long while.

    They had lots of Chloe bags, chain Betty, large Paddies, medium Paddies, Paddie shoppers....all seemed to be half retail.

    They also had a good selection of Balenciaga bags with one stunning part time in bronze which I would have been tempted by had I not nabbed a yummy First for £400. :drool:

    There were also lots of Prada and Gucci bags, sorry I don't know which styles as I'm not up on either brand.

    Plenty of clothes, accessories, shoes (I spied Gucci & Dior) and jewellery with a good selection of premium denim. Most of the clothes were by some small niche brands but lots of it was very edgy

    Address is:

    20th Century Theatre
    291 Westbourne Grove
    W11 2QA

    On until 6pm on Sunday 3rd June

    Hope you nab something great gals!!! :yahoo:

    P.S. It costs £1 to get in but the money goes to charity
  2. Here's my purchase :yahoo:

  3. ohhh well done, what a gorgeous bag you bagged ;)
  4. Thanks!!
  5. A little nudge for any UK tPFers who might have missed this
  6. :tdown:Unfortunately - can't get to London before this ends! Scotland needs to sort itself out - we have nothing! (other than beautiful scenery and wonderful people!!!)

    Your bag is brilliant Mooks - well done, I'm not in the least bit envious!:crybaby:
  7. Wow it's gorgeous, i wish i could go, that's such a good deal!
  8. Maybe we should rally them to get a sale organised for those a little further North!!
  9. What is "Girls Night In"? Is it a department store?
  10. No it's a designer sale, all the details of the sale are in my first post :smile:
  11. that's a beautiful bag - congrats!

  12. Aw Lescoy

    We do not bad!

    Harvey Nichols has its card holder event on next week and you could get 50% off which is fab - I will be there on the dot
  13. :crybaby:Wish I had seen this Friday night, would've got up early Saturday and got the bus into London.
  14. Well, I guess what I was trying to figure out was where the merchandise came from ... does it come from various department stores, then? Some of it could have originated from Harvey Nichs, or Selfridges in other words?
  15. ^ Yes, that's what I'd be interested to know. :yes: