Girls Next Door season 4!!

  1. I can't wait!!

    Anyone else excited?

  2. Yes, when does it start? I caught Hugh Hefners mansion on cribs a few nights ago before he was living w/the 3 girls. Holly and Bridgette were there too but didnt see Kendra. Holly had shorter hair and looked like she didn't get her implants yet.
  3. It started a few weeks ago. I think there has already been something like three episodes? You can catch the re-runs on E! constantly. The lastest one Holly took to the girls to her hometown in Alaska. I think there is already a thread about season 4? You can do a search to see...
  4. I can't wait for the new season to start in the UK. I love it!
  5. ok, i did see some of the alaska episode
  6. ILuvMyHusband - I don't think thats season 4, I have saw that episode before.
  7. OMG how did I miss it. I need to set my TIVO asap.
  8. I have some catching up to do! I have missed all the new episodes even though this show is my guilty pleasure. :p
  9. I recently watched this for the first time and I love it! Pure guilty pleasure. It's nice to see the girls seem so much more down to earth than I would have imagined.
  10. I love them..I looked online a few weeks ago before I saw this forum and people were flaming on them so bad...probably jealous :smile: lol
  11. I just seen the Arabian nights party episode. I love how Holly always dresses up as a disney princess, she was dressed up as princess Jasmine.
  12. She's living like every little girl's dream (minus the whole nudity and drinking thing lol)
  13. I like this show just to see how the parties are, Hef must spend oodles of $ on them.

    But Kendra and that fake laugh and pure stupidity drive me up a wall. Why does she cackle like that and have to say such dumb things. And last episodes skirt was so tiny, she has to be like a size -2 LOL

    Bridget is so cute but sometimes gets such a mean scowl on her face, so funny. I do love that grumpy cat of hers. Its a fun show.
  14. haha...why is this shoe so deliciously addicting? Its my total guilty pleasure.

    I think part of my fascination is I've seen them out and about when they have been filming, and met them when I got the chance to go to a party at the playboy mansion a year ago.