Girls Need Help (first b-bag decision)

  1. Okay girls i'm ordering my first b-bag tomorrow i plan to get a city:yahoo: Now i need help deciding a color, i'm confused betwenn vert gazon (grass green) and cafe. I've seen the green in person and it's tdf but i'm scared it might go out of fashion really fast. So i don't know what to do.
    Please give my ur opinions.

    Just so u know my handbag collection is all neutrals so maybe green would be a good choice cuz it would be something different

    Thank for ur help
  2. whoops i posted in the wrong section can someone please move it

  3. thanks for moving it:smile:
  4. :heart: cafe city!!! I think the grass green is a bit too bright imo... I love the deep dark color of the cafe-- it is a perfect neutral that you probably will never tire of....but the grass green is def. a vibrant color that will be a fun/ exciting bag to carry...
  5. It might be, but that's a lot of green! I know you've already seen it IRL, which is great. Another poster got one only to realize the green was too intense for her so she exchanged it for something else she really liked.

    The cafe is stunning! But I understand the desire to break away from neutrals. Rouille was my "breakaway" color.

    Hopefully some folks who own the bright greens will weigh in...good luck with your decision!
  6. cafe, it's really pretty
  7. Cafe... nice safe colour - unless you totally want something stand-out-ish
  8. ig u have neutral bags and dying for a pop one, go for the green.
    but many happens that girls with naturally neutral colours won't feel comfortable using bags that bright.
    make sure it's okay and fit in with your wardrobes :yes:

    good luck!
  9. my closet is fun and green fits my personality way more than neutrals
  10. then you go girl :yahoo:
    get the green! don't worry about the outdated thing, no one cares if it's putdated or not. as long as u love it!
    sometimes people say that my magenta b bag looks like barney, but i don't care. i love it! it's brighten my day and it made me a happier girl!
  11. ^^
    thanks i think i'm gonna get green

    btw i love the magenta one, and in no way does it look like barney
  12. Yay, for green!!
    I am thinking that may be my next colour, too!!
  13. Oh yes, go for the green, It's heavenly!
  14. Café here :smile:
  15. go for the green and keep an eye out for magenta as well ! its TDF !