Girls my Olive Green Day is here and i am in love.

  1. OMG, i just got home and the box was behind my door.:yahoo: I opened the box and WOW :nuts: i am in love. Remember my thread, couldn't decide between OG and Sapin Day? :sweatdrop: Well thanks for all your help because i made the best choice. :yahoo: The leather is amazing.:drool: It is smooth and thick and the color is darker than i thought. Very versatile and i have lots in my closet to use it with. I love it and this has been my best purchase so far. :happydance: Thanks for all your help.:heart:
  2. wow!!!!:drool: :drool: :drool:
    congrats on the bag!!!
  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!:love: You deserve this beauty!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: This should take your mind off Ink!!!!!!!

    congrats. I love the day bag. its on my list. lol
  5. Hi Girlie, yes definitely it will. :yes: No more Ink for me. I am trying to make the pic little bigger so it will show up better. I saw your Lilac Work and it is TDF.:nuts: I love the leather, you deserve it too. Enjoy it.:heart:
  6. YAY!!! i have an '05 olive day on its way also!
  7. I hope this one is bigger.
  8. Sorry girls i couldn't get my pics bigger.:crybaby:
  9. One more try.:p Yayyyy finally :yahoo: Dahhhh.:sweatdrop:
    IMG_1802 (4).JPG
  10. it's pretty! congrats!
  11. looooove the day style
  12. Oooooh I am so happy for you! Glad I voted for the right choice :smile:
  13. No more INK:p Why why why Nanaz...there is a lovely INK city from PFer on eBay :graucho: You know you want it hehe

    On the serious note....congrats on your olive green.
  14. ^^ yippy, i knew it would be love :love:
  15. yaya girl, i should never say no right?:graucho: I saw that one but i think i am going to wait for the Marine after all. :p