Girls/Ladies, why are you bringing your dog to the mall?

  1. OK, so yesterday DH and I ventured to South Coast Plaza. For those of you not familiar with SCP, this is an inside mall. We were there for only about 3 hours, and during that time we saw 5 girls, ranging from ages 17-28 or so carrying little dogs inside carriers. What is up with this? First, your doggie does not want to be at the mall. There is no place to pee-pee, there are no treats, and no water. I guess they are thinking that there is a chance that someone will mistake them for Paris Hilton? Or maybe some random celeb? Let me tell you girls, carrying a dog around everywhere does not make you like Paris any more than when Bo Derek wore cornrows in the movie 10, a bunch of silly white women ran out and got cornrows, thinking that they looked like Bo. They looked, well, like silly white women with cornrows.

    Thanks for letting me rant. :smile:

  2. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Good one. Totally agree
  3. Oh that was funny! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: But I agree with you! I hate to see the little dogs on those carriers.
  4. THANK YOU IRISHGAL. Please don't call me an animal hater because I'm not...I just DO NOT GET THIS.
  5. I agree with you Irish. I love doggies but keeping it in a carrier all day isn't great. In arizona you couldn't have the dog out for long without watering him. I also don't think the pups like being carried around like that. Dogs are pets, not accessories.
  6. wth! you kno over a year ago i attempted to bring my litle chihuahua into the mall bc we had him with us for the day and wasn't planning to go mall-ing. right when we stepped out of our car, some dude, assuming he was a SA told us that NO DOGS WERE ALLOWED THERE! This was at SCP too!

    I was really pist bc I know that if it was Paris Hilton with TInker bell, they wouldnt say $hit to her.
  7. :shame: I took my dog to the mall last year in her carrier (not because I wanted to be mistaken for P.Hilton -fat chance of that happening since I am Asian :p). I got a carrier for her because my boyfriend surprised me with a puppy, but he forgot one major detail -my apt. complex does not allow pets!-

    We had to hide her for 4 miserable months. I got a carrier so that I could take her in and out of the complex without them noticing the dog. Of course this meant I couldn't leave her at my apt. when I went out because she would bark a lot (luckily my boyfriend and I had opposite class schedules so he would stay with her while I went to campus and vice versa).

    We took her inside malls because during the winter it gets really cold here and I didn't want to leave her in the car. If we went to eat we would leave her in the car, but we didn't stay in the restaurants for long periods of time. Now that I moved into a pet friendly apt I leave her at home so she can be in her bedding area (although sometimes when I come home I find her sleeping inside the carrier [I leave it open on the floor])
  8. That is funny you posted this thread because I saw 2 dogs at the Mission Viejo mall last night! One was a small Chihuahua a man was carrying around inside Nordstrom’s and the other was like a Lhasa apso walking on a leash inside the mall! I asked my boyfriend “since when are dogs allowed inside malls?” Sometimes I see small ones in carriers/strollers or being carried, but not one just actually walking on a leash inside... especially going through the food court. They have a pet store so I figured maybe they went there, but the lady who was walking the dog had tons of clothing store bags in her hands. I can kind of see why dogs are all over the place at Fashion Island, since it’s outdoor, but kind of get a little shocked when I see one in a store still. Every store at FI pretty much has a water bowl inside now. I own 3 pugs and love dogs to death, but I know not everyone else in the world loves dogs, and some people can be allergic. I’d never take them to a mall, especially indoors. They would probably get really stressed out too.
  9. My husband and I don't have kids....human ones...we have two maltese. Which we treat JUST LIKE HUMAN KIDS.

    So yes, they do go to the mall with us and just about everywhere else. My husband is 6ft 1in and very "manly" looking italian guy and he almost ALWAYS has at least one tiny white furry maltese under his arm.

    We don't want to look like Paris Hilton (at least i hope HE doesn't! ha!) at all, we just love our dogs and take them wherever we go.

    If he is NOT with me, they stay home (usually with a babysitter) because i just can't carry both. It's too hard.

    We don't leave our dogs home alone or unattended EVER. So, they end up coming with us A LOT!

    BUT! i do know what you are saying about the late teens/early 20's husband's neices ALL want MALTI-POOS just because JESSICA SIMPSON HAS ONE! ugh!
  10. sometimes, you don't want to leave your babies at home...
  11. I'm with you Irishgal,as cute as some of these tiny dogs are the last place they need to be is stuck in a carrier & drug around a mall for hours on end.
    There's a woman I see damn near everytime I'm in SFA,she has the smallest Yorkie I've ever seen in my life and keeps it tucked in her purse with its head poking out.I truely feel for that little guy,if he ever tumbled out of that bag the fall could kill him,or god forbid someone step on him.:cursing:
  12. haha that annoys me too!
  13. I've been seeing a lot of dogs on leashes at the mall. Whats up with that?
  14. I have a malti-poo (not because Jessica Simpson has one though) and I did take him to run errands with me when he was small puppy. I wanted him to be socialized and to be ok just riding in the car with me. Sometimes I would take him into the pet store or Target to pick up a few things. I used a carrier then b/c he was so tiny but now I take him on walks and into the pet store on a leash. I always felt l silly carring him in his carrier ike people thought that I was trying to be Paris Hilton. I just wanted a dog who liked people.
  15. Exactly! A few times I took my Lola girl to a mall with me that I knew she was allowed in.......I carried her in a large tote bag she was able to look around and everything.....She really enjoyed herself and the attention people gave her..... now that she's not a puppy though she's too protective of my when I'm holding her so I don't bring her out as much, but she's my dogchild and I feel terrible leaving her at home. I'll only take her to stores where pets are expected to be now, like petsmart or something.