girls in school/college: how can you afford luxury-bags?

  1. I totally agree ^. I hate it when people look at me as if I'm spoiled when I tell them my parents paid for my education. I take my job as a student very seriously, and did really, really well in undergrad. Now that I'm attending grad school for free, I see that as a sign that my parents' "investment" paid off.
  2. I get money from student loans :graucho:, business profit (like eBay), summer job, and Christmas and Birthday dough (I have two sets of parents, so I get double for each :nuts:). All this adds up quite a lot. Now I just need to work on moderation.;)
  3. That's really sad. I had a friend whose friend skipped lunch everyday at school so he could save up the money to buy his girlfriend bags and other stuff that she wanted. She cheated on him with another guy who she really wanted to be with.The poor guy who just someone who could buy her stuff. It's so sad.

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Indeed!!!! Hahaha, sorry but your post really made me crack up! lol, the calm sarcasm is :tup:
  5. Here's how I support my addicting evil obsession:

    For reference, I just turned 18 on November 2nd, I am a freshman in college. I have financial aid and I am doing student loans. I live with my parents. I don't necessarily have to pay for anything because my parents are wonderful, but ever since we moved into a new home, I have offered to pay for our monthly cell phone bill! :shame: Okay, that's all, lol.

    *My J O B*
    I work part time at a local mall kiosk selling handmade Japanese false nails. I get paid minimum wage which is only $8 currently BUT I get commission so it's really good.

    *Selling away things
    Ever since I discovered tPF, I've been selling ALOT of my Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, etc. So sometimes selling away things you can give up helps!

    *My Parents
    They NEVER fund for my things unless I really want something and I can't get it myself, alone. The only thing I've asked my parents for was when I was $200 short on my Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki handbag, but they told me that it'd be an early birthday present, so yea.

    So overall, it's all me. I work hard for my handbags. Ever since I got into this addiction, I ABANDONED clothes, shoes, and everything else. Seriously. I literally SAVE UP EVERY PENNY to get a nice handbag. And it really does pay off because I feel like with that handbag, ANY outfit can look good. Hehe :p But that's just me.

    One more thing!
    I feel like girls who DO have their parents get them these luxurious items aren't really.. I don't know how to say it. I guess, for us girls who work for our own bags, don't you get this GREAT FEELING AND SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT when you buy a bag with your hard earned money? I sure do, I feel like "WHOA", I worked for this for a month! And well yea, it makes me feel like an adult, hehe.
  6. ^So true! Haha, I would believe that's why I fell so hard into the whole designer bag thing, because I can just have a few outfits, even normal, casual, everyday clothes, and just grab a bag and put on a hat every morning and then I feel like a celebrity! LOL
  7. parents rewarding me for doing well in school, i'm in the US btw, and also the money that i save up from special occasion adds up quickly ( i know, how lucky!!! yes, i feel lucky and thankful ). this is a great thread, i wonder sometimes, most of us school/college girls in the US seems to have super great parents that are paying for our education. how luck are we!!!
  8. wow seriously after reading all this made me think how lucky of a person i am to have such great parents:crybaby:it makes me feel like a hypocrite that i treated them so bad when i didn't get the things my way. I love my family even though i lived a life with harsh rules.

    I'm 18 and i have 15 designer handbags

    My first LV was at the age of 17 Monogram Multicolore White Speedy 30 as a Christmas Present from my dad.

    We live in a million dollar neighborhood
    guess you can say my dad got lucky making the money that he does now because he didn't go to college and he managed to make $20,000 a month for his job that he's been working for over 25+ years oh and my moms a housewife which is pretty darn boring she says lol.

    I don't have a job but i used to work until i walked out on them becuz they treated me like crap.
    i'm a full time student at college
    I have my own car i dont share my car with my parents because they have thier own cars

    I don't pay for...
    I don't pay for my shelter (house)
    i dont pay my 2 cell phone bills
    I don't pay for my car payments
    i dont pay for my auto insurance

    I pay
    for my food
    expenses for shopping

    now where does the extra money come from?
    Birthdays, New years (i'm asian), Christmas, random money given from my grandma

    do i buy expensive stuff with my own money?
    yes but honestly i dont buy expensive designer name for myself, i buy it for my family
    like my dad i bought him a ferragamo belt and wallet
    my mom i bought her a nice leather coach purse and a lv purse with the help from my dad
    my 2 younger sisters, for both i bought them tiffany&co jewelry,
    Yuna, i bought her a nice coach purse and she's only 8 and
    Esther, my 15 year old sister i bought her nice coach/dooney bourke bag

    I work/earn for my bags

    ok....~the end~
  9. *azianprideangel
    I think that as long as YOU KNOW yourself, that you need to keep your piorities straight and work hard as well, there is no guilt to having parents who pay for everything. You should feel blessed, lucky, and happy. Just know that us (as KIDS, yes I am 18 and I still call myself a KID) should still work hard and make our own money. I look at Paris Hilton and think she's a loser because she doesn't have brains and she's living the good life because someone else works for all the $ she spends. I mean, seriously, there is a difference in that feeling and use of $ when someone else makes it vs. yourself making it.

    Becareful with student loans. Remember it's money you need to PAY BACK. So it's like credit almost. I personally don't think student loans should be used for shopping expenses. But that's only me. But kudos to your savings and eBaying!

    I think of my handbags as a GREAT piece of money well spent. I must admit, I get bored of clothes easily and a handbag can last me a lifetime!!!

    I know exactly how you feel. I feel so blessed each and everyday that I have parents who work so hard for me. (My parents both work about 10 hours a day! They own a chinese food restaurant, my dad is a chef, my mom is a waitress.) But your parents are way crazier! Haha, your a very lucky gal! And read what I wrote to azianprideangel!

    I also want to share that I go to fashion school and BOY DO I SEE ALOT OF SPOILED PEOPLE THERE! Really, every time I drive into the parking lot, there's always BMW and PORCHES and all these fancy cars and GIRLS with Balenciaga Bags, LVs, etc... and what makes me laugh is that many of these girls do SO BAD in the classes... that says alot about them...

    In the end, I just want to say that there is a difference between a girl who's carrying a handbag that was bought from her PARENTS or someone else VERSUS buying it herself. I think the feeling of a gift and a self earned item is very different and the feelings differ very much.

    Anyways, geez, I talk so much. HUGS AND KISSES to our hard working parents who love us so much!
  10. I can't afford them. They are usually presents from my parents, friends , and hubby.
  11. I am 18 (turned on Nov 19 '08). I have 4 bags and some accessories and I paid for one with bday/christmas money and my dad bought the other three. There is nothing wrong for a parent to treat their child as long as its for a special occasion and not all the time so the child gets used to it e.g. on tuesday my dad treated me to a Chanel jumbo flap for my bday :smile: