Girls, I need Your opinion

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  1. Yesterday I went in a vintage shop to sell my last year's Xmas bought;
    It's new (never used, with plastic parts as from the store): is in mini lin, camel colour, big bag similar to a big Alma (I don't remember the name, it has something to do with Morocco), all the leather parts in white leather, with LV and two stripes painted on an angle at the base.
    Well, I paid for it €1.850,00.
    It's really new with plastics & so on.

    Well, they told me that, maximum, they could give me € 500,00 :wtf::crybaby:
    What u think? I thought about € 800/1000...

  2. Not sure, but why don't you look up the style on the net and then go to ebay and see what recent auctions of a similar bag have sold for and take it from there.
  3. You could ofcourse sell it on ebay because €500 for a new €1850 bag is just not enough. The store will probably sell it for a lot more, it's not fair towards you.
  4. i agree with pink rose, it would be an insult to take 500
  5. do you have access to a camera so we can see which bag you're referring to?
  6. Photos please
  7. Ooohhh I know what bag you're talking about... the bags from that line, Monogram Mini Initials, are the Amman [messenger-like bag], Isfahan [this is the one you're talking about], Tanger, and the Keepall.




  8. make some photo's and show it to us! You can always try to sell it here on TPF or on ebay!
  9. Wow girls thank you... is the ISFAHAN in camel and white leather!:yes:

    And it's really never went out from the paper shopping bag!!!!

    Now I'm in the fifth month of pregnancy... I prefer to sell the bag for other expenses! :flowers:

  10. i think ur probably better off listing them up on the internet,

    second had shops generally have to give u a really low price...they claim they have to carry the bags and risking if people would want them...i mean it's true but c'mon....haha :smile:
  11. There is NO buying or selling here unless the OP has been approved for the MP.
  12. Ha ha ha .... It's always be a price like that. I ever brought my leather dior jacket and they gave me only 5 GBP (so I throw mine in Charity shop instead). It was really hurt my feeling.
  13. :yes::yes::yes: Yes!!
  14. Try selling it on eBay.
  15. Apply for the MP or go to Ebay! really invest some time in it to sell yourself i think you will get much more for it