Girls, I need your opinion on this bag...

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  1. Not sure what this one is called or if it's current or not...
    What do you think?

  2. Its nice...its the chain paddy, shopper style!
  3. It's a nice bag, but it's very heavy.
  4. Very pretty, but I prefer the paddingtons with the bigger locks.
  5. The Chloe Capsule Paddy Shopper - it is a very heavy bag, but very nice.
  6. thanks for your comments so far...
    It's not my bag by the way, just wondering whether to buy or not.
  7. Are you actually thinking to buy two Betty AND this one!!!:nuts: Even your man can tell the difference between this Paddy and a patent chain Betty. Can he not?:graucho: Although I think it's fantastic idea to buy all three.:yes:
  8. Lovely bag :smile:...but I prefer the classic Paddy, though it´s not my Chloe style :shrugs:...
  9. Hi kbnkch!
    Actually if you must know, I'm thinking about buying the 2 betty chains, a silverado python, a silverado tote, a heloise, an edith and this one! OMG I know! I'm a woman obsessed! - but wasn't so sure about this one...I might give this one a miss especially if everyone is saying it's a bit heavy (not to mention save some money!)
    Now as for my husband, not sure what to do about him, he going to obviously know about some of my bag purchases (especially when he realises that the mortgage on the house has suddenly gone up significantly!). I'm gonna have to hide a few bags for a while and then bring them out at a later date and if he says "is that a new bag?", I'll just say, "oh no, of course not, I've had this for ages!...";)
  10. You mean at once!!!:faint::faint::faint::faint::faint: Looooove it.:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: Don't worry man can be so easily confused.
  11. very heavy im sure but i like it!