GIRLS I need your HELP.....

  1. Girls -

    Im in desperate search of a pair of purple pants. I looked on eBay, old navy, bizrate, Amazon and google and no luck.:crybaby:

    Does anyone knows where I can find a pair?:confused1:..... plx ... your help will be very very appreciated....

    I found this but they do not have my size:cursing: and I'm not paying $400:wtf: for them either. But wanted to show you a pic so you can kinda get an idea of what I want. TIA

  2. Thx - those are cute - I guess I should have specify that Im looking for more of a dress pant style, no jean style.....thx for the link, Im so checking it out to see if I find some other goodies
  3. Shopbop has 7 for all mankind jeans in red, yellow, purple and a few other colors.
  4. Thanks. I was not able to find any purple or red... maybe im just retarded and I did no see them
  5. I checked and I did not find any... only black,white, blue and brown
  6. JCrew has cords in purple:

  7. (edit: I had the same idea as the gal above, just didn't type it fast enough!)
  8. Thank You sailornep5 & ZoeyZoo - I order a purple & red ...