Girls, I need your help! Which bag should I keep?


Which bag should I keep?

  1. Medium Black YSL Muse

  2. Chloe Whiskey Paddington

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  1. I am downsizing my bag collection. I have way too many anyway, but it looks like I'll be starting a new job within the next few months and even though this will give me a nice big salary increase, I'd still like to clear my debts before I start it (and also make room in the closets for the bags that I'm bound to be buying then.)
    So I've gathered together all the bags that will be looking for new homes.
    BUT. I also want to sell my Muse or Paddington. I love both of them equally and I just can't make my mind up which one goes. You guys need to help me!
    Should I keep my medium black Muse or whiskey Chloe Paddington?
    My wardrobe is mainly neutral tones with a shot of colour from scarves or necklaces.
    Help, please!:idea: Thank you!
  2. Hmmm, first congrats on the new job! I just never was into the paddington so I would say the muse
  3. Cograts on your new job! Which one of the two bags do you tend to use more often?
  4. No such thing as too many black bags. :balloon:
  5. You may want to consider the resell value of each bag too and sell the one that's going to sell for a higher sum.
  6. Congrats on your new job!! This must be a really tough choice as both bags are so yummie but I would keep the paddy. I have the whiskey and I can't imagine letting it go.
  7. I voted for the whisky paddington ... I like the muse but I think the paddington is a more unique bag.
  8. Keep the Whiskey, the Muse only looks good in white.
  9. Rose - Thank you!
    I tend to use both bags equally, for days at a time...always running late in the morning and no time to switch bags:P

    Really can't decide for myself!
    And you're right at looking at resell value....although I've only seen fake YSL on ebay....
  10. I would keep the muse
  11. I'm in the minority, but I think the Muse is more classic and would keep it. Good luck with the new job!
  12. I agree with boxer mom....KEEP THE MUSE!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. Yes, keep the MUSE. It's quite classic and versatile, whereas the paddy, though cute, is a bit overexposed, in my opinion.
  14. I like them both but....if I had to choose I think I would keep the Muse. I really like that bag.
  15. They're both excellent bags. Tough choice for sure.

    I personally would keep the Chloe Whiskey. I have it and hadn't used it in a while, but when I took it out of it's sleeper, I was madly in love with it all over again.