Girls... I need your help! Which bag should I go for?? Alma, Brea or Jasmin

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Alma, Brea, or Jasmin

  1. Amarante Alma PM

  2. Amarante Brea PM

  3. Black Jasmin

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi ladies... i need your help choosing the bag. :smile:

    the dilemma started when hubby asked me two weeks ago if i have anything in mind for valentine's. i've been looking at new bags online and decided to stop by the store to check out amarante Brea PM and black Jasmin. when i got there, i saw amarante Alma PM on display, so i asked to see that one too. and now... i can't decide which bag to get.

    i would like to get a bag that I can use everyday and also something that won't go out of style in a few years. Brea is very cute but I'm scared of the vachetta and how it would look when the leather turns brown. Alma PM (amarante) is simply stunning... the only problem is that it's strictly handheld and I'm very petite (5'1") even the PM looks a teenie bit big on me. Jasmin is also very beautiful and the leather seems to be most durable (of all three bags). I can sorta force it up my shoulder and make it into a shoulder bag.

    I spent half an hour in the store trying to pick one and finally decided to sleep on it and get you guys' opinions. i'm sure some of you have gone through this same undecided-and-confused-which-bag-should-i-get feeling. :biggrin: help me out here, pleaseeeeeeee!! TIA!!
  2. I like all of your three options and have considered them myself, but not for everday use. Out of the 3 though, I think the Brea is most versatile. I know what you mean about the Alma still feeling a bit big, as I am the same height as you. I don't think I would carry the jasmin on the shoulder. If you're already forcing it in the store, it could be a lot more uncomfortable and awkward once you start actually carrying it that way. But it is a very chic and beautiful purse. I vote for the Brea in this case!
  3. thanks for your input, scaredycat, and thanks everyone else for voting. although i would also love to hear why you vote for a certain bag - to help me make up my mind :smile: so if you could leave a sentence or two on why you would pick a certain bag i would be eternally grateful :heart:
  4. Jasmine! It is very classy!
  5. I have both the Alma and Brea PM.
    If I were you, I'd go with the Brea though. I really do enjoy the fact that its both hand/shoulder carry. Sometimes I get tired of carrying my Alma when I'm out shopping and have shopping bags.
    I think that the Brea is more versatile as I feel that I don't really need to 'dress up' as much as I do when I'm carrying my Alma. The Brea seems to be casual and dressy at the same time to me.
  6. chlamy, if you r gng for an everyday use, i would go with either d alma or d jasmine..:smile: U cant go wrong with jasmine cos it's black, no fuss over taking care of it. Although u can fit more into Alma. Amarante is a pretty color, u cant go wrong with it either. as for brea...if u want it to be an everyday bag, the handle is gonna change color after a certain amount of in short, Jasmin gets my vote..:smile:
  7. I voted the Brea PM - it is a beautiful bag, gorgeous color and is versatile with shoulder strap. I don't think you have to worry about the bag looking bad with the vachettaq.

    The Alma PM - don't like the PM size. The Vernis Alma looses something in the PM size so I prefer the Vernis Alma in MM no matter the height. My SA is tiny and the MM/BB Almas looked so beautiful on her while the PM does nothing.

    Just don't like the Jasmin when there are other choices. A choice between Amarante & black is no contest. Amarante will win against black any day. GL deciding and do a reveal of the bag that works out best for you.
  8. @ garf13ld - i totally agree, jasmin is very classy.

    @ glamourdoll - i sorta feel the same way about Alma being just a handheld (and i'm somewhat on a clumsy side and likely to bump into things and scratch the bag) and you made a good point about its "dressy" factor...

    keep them coming girls, really appreciate your help!
  9. I like the Alma PM out of the three.. I saw the Brea the other day and the fact that the vachetta will turn dark just turns me off. LV is coming out with an Epi Brea though :biggrin: I'm 4"11 and I feel like the Alma PM looks kinda small but the MM is too big. I still like the PM though and I'm going to get it in either Rose Florentin or Amarante
  10. Amarante Brea PM - I love this bag! I thought the alma mm was to big, but I have to say that honestly I am not a fan of the pm - it just is not a statement piece. Good luck deciding!
  11. I like the Alma PM the best
  12. Go for the Alma! It's such a classic shape.
  13. Alma
  14. alma for sure
  15. Alma