Girls I need your help immediatly!!!!

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  1. I believe this bag is authentic. MK has been a long time ebay seller. $8200 is a reasonable price. I love the gold hardware. I think you can buy them.
  2. B E A utiful! Thanks so much on that imput. Anyone else?
  3. very pretty.
  4. I think it's a beautiful bag!
  5. It looks authentic, but I'm no expert. I wouldn't buy any Birkins on Ebay, to be honest, because it's a lot of money and there are lots of fakes on Ebay. I don't know anything about the seller, so I am not commenting on this seller. Just personally, I would rather buy from Hermes so I know it's 100% authentic, since I have very little knowledge about what to look for. This is why I have not been able to buy my next Birkin, which I want to be a black 35. There are lots of black 35s on ebay. I want one from Hermes and am willing to wait as long as it takes.
  6. Thank you! I just spoke to my sister and she's telling me to check the Hermes in White Plains NY before I make this purchase. I was at the Hermes in Manhasset NY but they didn't have anything in stock only Kelly's. They had this pink Kelly it was to die for! I was about to purchase it when my sis said "Your opions on clothing is limited" And I thought she's right! I know the SR wanted to kill her for that statement! But because of my sister's assy quote the sales rep told me the Birkin wait list was closed, then I wanted to kill my sister!!!! I know the only way to get on that list is to do alot of brownnosing! But my sister ruined the chances of my Birkin purchase at that store! :evil:
  7. Hi, the bag looks authentic to me. MK is a longtime seller of Hermes bag on eBay, albeit at a high markup. $8200 is pretty high for a year 2002 bag that's been used once (as claimed on her listing). You can try for a better price. JMO :smile:

    I agree with Birkinbaby...nothing beats the experience of getting your Birkin straight from an Hermes store. It's the thrill & wait that makes the bag really special for you! :amuse:
  8. I know, I hear ya! Thats why I posted a thread on this forum so that people could help me with authentic Hermes sellers on ebay. I got alot of feedback from the girls here and after my search this is the one I would consider. I spoke to the seller and she has all the documentation on this bag and said she would call the sales rep where it was purchased so that they could vouch for the authentication based on her account with them. I also am very terrified of a huge ebay purchase like this.
  9. I personally think pink would match a lot of different colors just like La Van's pink kelly. I can't think off the top of my head any color limitations you might have with a pink bag...maybe orange or red? But other than that, I feel it shouldn't clash much with other cooler colors. You should've gotten it!! I'm sure it was GORGEOUS!
  10. MK sells only authentic - I know someone who has dealt with her. No authenticity worries, only whether or not you want to pay the markup. She said it's only been used once? That's pretty darn new to me. As Gigi said, can you try to get her down to just under $8K or something?
    If you absolutely see no other way of getting a Birkin, this is a good way to get one quickly. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. buy it reight now dont think
  12. Give me a better reason.
  13. I just got off the phone with my sister and she's telling me that I can get the same bag at Hermes with pal hardware for 6-7k. Although I like the gold hardware best, is she right?????
  14. I'm going to try White Plains in the morning, sc*ew work! They could do without me for a few hours! I want to see if they just happen to have one! But thanks on that imput, If I have no luck I'm going to try to talk her out of that markup!