GIRLS... I need your HELP finding a PALE ROSE City or FIRST... PLEASE HELP ME

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  1. HI... I have decided to let my Mint Magenta Box go. I LOVE LOVE the Pale Rose color and would take a city or first in it as long as it is like new since I am anal over my bags. Can you guys PLEASE help me find a store some where in the world that has either of these, I just want one or the other and it really doesnt matter because I am wanting this color soooooooooooo bad. Any HELP at all will be GREATLY appericated... THANKS
  2. Are you looking for a brand new one? because i think BalNY had it but i am not 100% sure.:shrugs:
    Do you like the Box? Realdealcollection is selling one on her website.:smile:
  3. YES... I would love to buy a Brand New one or at least one that is MINT in every way. Could you please let me know what you think BAL NY had... OMG I am excited now :wlae: Thanks a Bunch!!!
  4. I think some one had returned a Pale Pink Day to them. :shrugs:I am not really sure but call them tomorrow.:smile:
  5. Cult Status in Australia has a Pale Rose Work and Purse as at 2 weeks ago...
  6. About a month ago BalNY had a pale rose Purse.
  7. I think that diarbro had a pale pink shoulder, not sure if it is still there.