Girls, I need your help choosing boots.....please........

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Which would you choose?

  1. Black Suede Roberto del Carlo

  2. Black Paul Smith's

  3. Black Distressed buckle boots

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I know this is kind of off Bal topic but I really value everyone's opinion here. Mods please move post if you feel it's inappropriate for this area.

    I bought this cute outfit and found the perfect black Chloe boots to go with it. Well, when the boots arrived, they weren't black. They were dark brown and gorgeous. My problem is that I really wanted black boots and also the circumference of the Chloe boot is too big. I'd like some that are tighter and fit snug to my calf. So, I need your help choosing some boots and I really trust your opinion. Here's the skirt and jacket. I'll be wearing a white poplin empire top underneath. BTW, the navys are identical in person.



    Now, which boots do you think would go well?

    these Roberto del Carlo's in black suede......


    or Paul Smith's but in Black distressed leather


    or these black distressed leather boots which I absolutely love but I don't know if they suit the outfit


    And here's the bag that I'll carry............

  2. are the Chloe boots you refer to the current season boots in really really dark brown, thick and smushy with interesting stitching? Those boots are GORGEOUS - do they come in black too because that would be my vote!

    Go for a higher heel...;)
  3. The second pair....
  4. Oooh, I love this!!!!! Choosing boots for your new outfit!!:yes:

    My vote goes to #3, and I think they give an *edge* to your outfit. I love wearing my heavy, masculine motorcycle boots with completely opposite, sexy, feminine outfit. Both the outfit and the boots are sleek and modern, so even though the outfit is feminine, I think the boots go really well!

    #2 is OK, but I feel that these boots are a bit more rugged and vintagey, and the hardware seems to be brass? Although these are equally cool, I think because the outfit is sleek and modern rather than rugged and vitagey, #3 is a better match.
  5. out of 3 pairs i prefer Black Distressed buckle boots (but i think its a little musculine) .

    p.s. I love your top :love:
  6. I think it depends on what kind of look you're going for. The suede boots would definately make the outfit a little more "dressy" whereas the buckled boots would give it more of a "rocker chick" feel. But for myself, I like the second pair :smile:

  7. read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw these buckle boots. I like that they would be unexpected and make the outfit fun. Even if I decide not to wear them with this outfit, I'll probably get these boots anyway because I love them.
  8. LOVE the top!
    I like boot #2 - #3 is too wow for me, but keep in mind that I'm boring
  9. Cracker, i love the boots! You are going to look HOT! I prefer the 3rd pair.
    Who makes those? They are very special:tup:
  10. I would go with #3.:tup: It goes really well with your bag and the whole outfit and i like the buckles in the back. :yes: I want to see a picture of you wearing this whole outfit. You are going to look amazing.:heart:
  11. Good! I'm glad to hear that we're on the same page!!!:tup:
    I love dressing for fall/winter as well(I so don't belong in Sydney!! LOL), love buying boots...I buy a new pair every winter!

    I think these boots are very cool, and you can wear these with practically anything. I wear my motocycle boots(I've got a few, and my fav pair is my Ann Demeulemeester one Nicole Kidman wore in a Vogue issue a few years back)with almost anything.

    You can wear them with a jacket and a pair of skinny jeans tucked in, pair them with a mini-skirt, a clingy, sexy long skirt and have the buckles peek through the slit....

    Although #2 is cool as well, I think #3 would be easier to wear:idea: BTW, who makes #3??
  12. OMG I'm loving your outfit - you have amazing taste!
    I loooooove the Paul Smith #2 boots - I think I need those too! but #3 would look cool too.
    Modeling pics when you get everything!
  13. ^^^Strategia. I just ordered them from yoox. I've been wanting boots like these for some time. My favorite are these Celine boots..........they're sold out in my size :crybaby:


  14. yes! those are the ones......I love them. I may not return them. The leather is TDF and I could really use some chocolate brown boots. I was just really hoping for Chloe black boots. Oh well. I can't find black anywhere.
  15. Those are Celine!? Wow. me likey:love:

    Better go check Yoox now...:P