Girls i need you

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  1. Hi Ladies :smile:))
    I want to buy a new lv :P
    I can't choose between alma bb and neverfull mm.....Please, help me?

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Are you looking for more of an everyday bag or special occasion bag? I ask because these two are pretty different .
  3. Two totally different bags. Whats your primary purpose for buying?
  4. I'm looking for more of everyday bag.
  5. Everyday bag means get the Neverfull. Good luck.
  6. If you have a tote you love and carry, get the bb. If you have a small bag you like to carry a lot, get the NF. HTH!!
  7. For everyday use, I say Neverfull.
  8. Neverfull gets my vote too!
  9. Neverful, it's never full. Great for everyday use! :smile:
  10. Neverful is a great everyday bag! go for it, you'll love it. You can also cince the ends together and this will make it not as wide on top. You should youtube both in order to get a good look. Or go into a LV store. Good luck dear. :smile:
  11. Another vote for the Neverfull ...
  12. The Neverfull is a great everyday bag. So easy to use, just grab and go.
  13. Neverfull--- before price increases again :sad:
  14. Neverfull is a great everyday bag...
  15. Neverfull