Girls I Need Ur Help

  1. I love bbags but i don't own one yet. I've been planning to get one the only thing is the colors i want are from past season's marigold, 05'turq and magenta (i'm not as fan of ebay so thats not an option). When i read that they are gonna have turq for 07 i was super excited. Now i'm confused because the rouge vif is drawing me in, i've never been big on red but recently i've gotten a soft spot for it. I don't know what to do should i wait to see what the turq is like(that means forgetting abt the rouge) or should i get the rouge and forget abt the spring colors???? Remember i can't have both it has to be one or the other.

  2. I think you should go for the rouge vif as you dont know how the new colors are going to be ...who knows, maybe you can save money later in the year and have both :yes:
  3. I agree, the rouge is so pretty!
  4. I am a huge red lover. So I say get the rouge vif now and the turq too when it comes out. Sorry I am no help LOL!
  5. haha i wish i could go for both (i'll keep my fingers crossed)

    I want the rouge cuz it will match the soles of my new christian louboutins:graucho:
  6. the rouge vif is one of the most beautiful colors this fall go for it!!!:yahoo:
  7. It's so hard to say without knowing what the new colors will look like! But I think the rouge vif is absolutely stunning and has the most amazing leather! :heart: IT"S PERFECTION!:heart:
  8. hey ya.... i've grown a soft spot for the ROUGE VIF too... i think the colour is completely YUMMY! I reckon you should get a ROUGE VIF and keep saving - u might surprise yourself and you can get a Turq 07 next season... GOOD LUCK!!!

  9. i think i'm gonna call balny tomorrow and order the rouge
  10. Fab choice! Be sure to update with pics when you get ya baby! :graucho:
  11. i say hold out for the new turquoise bag.. i am seeing so many of the red bags..

    they are very very pretty, but not so unique all of a sudden.
  12. Great choice! The rouge Vif is such a gorgeous color!:heart:

  13. I totally agree! they ARE very pretty. but i know what you mean by "not so unique suddenly".. MAYBE it's because everyone is raving about their rouge vifs? Maybe in reality, it is still rather unique compared to the BLUES (cornflower, blueberry, ink, indigo, india)...
  14. Rouge Vif! I don't care who else has it, it's so popular because everything about it is so unbelievable! I still can't stop looking at mine:love:
    Do it! Do it! Dooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!:P
  15. stylefly-where did u get urs from???(since ur in canada) what did u pay in taxes??