Girls i need ur help .. plz tell me this bag exists ..

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  1. Hiii:heart:

    Girls i've bee a Gucci Fan since 3 years and been noticing that they release bags with beige GG canvas + colored trim every season.. and ever since they released the horsebit Clutch (below) they've been including it in their season colors ( i.e: fall04 beige gg with green trimming .. summer05 beige gg with turquoise trimm -i have it- as welll as beige gg with Fuchsia trimming..etc)
    ps: they ever include it in their site..only in lookbook

    SO ...when i 1st saw their Cruise collection on, i rushed to check what color they have released to accompany their gg canvas and it was the LOVELY rose pink ...(below)

    so girls .. plzzz help me knowing if this bag will exist or no.. anyone who has good relation with their Gucci SA plzz do it 4 me ...i called all 3 Gucci Branches in Dubai and they know nothing yet untill they look book arrives .. (had no idea when it will arrive or when will the cruise collection be available at stores) ...

    im sooooooooooooo dying to get it ( if it will ever be made)

    Thaaaaaank u ..

    - the bag im looking for is shape in 1st pic BUT in the colors of the 2nd pic .. -Gucci GG canvas with Rose trimming

  2. I never seen the 2nd pic before...
  3. ^^ the bag in the second pic is from the new cruise line:smile:
  4. yeah.. i just saw it in the webbie today.... Its not leather, right?
  5. diamondfericia :wtf:r u serious? hun can u plz post a photo of it? i tried gucci sites ( all countries) found nothing ... thank u :heart:
  6. I think that would be a really adorable bag! I hope they made it! Good Luck.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, I saw it at the Gucci outlet at Woodbury Commons. You should call them and make sure it's the same one. it was around $300 I think.
  8. NYC Chicky and diamondfericia .. u got me wrong, i meant the chain bag in the new combination released in cruise line ... chain bag in beige GG canvas with PINK trim :biggrin:

    thithi i really hope they did =(