Girls i need some help deciding

  1. Okay so i have been wanting to go to india in feb or march cuz i want to go to a really famous temple there. Anyways on my way there i want to stop in london for 2-3 days to sight see and stuff.
    Well my mom doesn't want me to go right now so she said if i wait till the end of the year to go and don't bug her to go anywhere right now that she would get me either 2 pairs of louboutin shoes or a designer bag.
    So heres my question should i back off delay my trip and get the shoes or bag??? or should i beg her to let me go on the trip???
    I'm thinking louboutins but then i'm not sure.
    Another point to keep in mind is that she is funding the trip as well so i have nothing to loose if i delay it.

    thanks in advance

    *dear mods if this thread is in the wrong forum u can delete it thank you*
  2. :tup: I vote shoes or bag! :tup:
  3. 2 pairs of Louboutins!
  4. Sounds like if you wait that not only do you get the trip, but you get 2 pairs of hot shoes in the bargain?

    I say: good things come to those who wait!!!!

    Lucky girl!
  5. I agree. Waiting sounds like a win/win scenario.
  6. okay so i think i'll wait. She also said if i can't find any loboutins that i like in a low heel height (cuz i don't wear anything over 70mm) she will let me custom order them
  7. Wow lucky girl! I would delay the trip and try to get one semi expensive designer bag and 1 pair of CLs! :wlae:
  8. waiting is win/win, plus i live in london and we can have tea/coffee! (if you want)
  9. Waiting + 2 pairs shoes = :tup:
  10. I would definitely wait, not bug mom and get the shoes/bag and get to go on the trip later this year.
  11. Good choice!
    If you don't find two pairs of CL get 1 pair of CL's and a hot bag to complement the shoes!
  12. 2 pairs of CLs AND a trip to India - your Mom is tops! :yahoo:
  13. I agree with the other ladies- Wait it out and then get your 2 pairs of fabulous shoes!
  14. I agree with everyone- definitely wait! You'll still be able to see the temple later, and you'll get 2 pairs of CLs out of it! Can't beat that!
  15. thanks for ur opinions:smile: i really appreciate them.

    Sara- i would love to have tea/coffee when i come to london