Girls I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My DH is going to buy me a B bag for my B day:yahoo:
    Problem is I know what style I want ( city) but I have no idea about the color
    I already have Black, grey, truffle, caramel, origan,grenat, red, white, marron and black with GH so as you can see I really need something bright, so I was wondering about french blue, aquamarine, vert d'eau and even anthracite.
    HELP ME:shrugs:
    MY B DAY is in 2 weeks
  2. Aquamarine
    ...or Anthracite (but you already have Grey and Black...)
  3. I saw a pic of the Bleu Glacier with GH and it looked really nice.
  4. if you want to go for brights, i say go w/ aquamarine or french blue!
  5. I vote for Aqua!
  6. Bleu glacier is really nice but I need something brighter
  7. I think the anthracite is sooo cool, but since you want something bright, I also say either Aqua or French Blue :love:
  8. i would do aquamarine :smile:
  9. How about vert gazon, vermillion, or aqua?
  10. Aquamarine or Vermillion!!
  11. Aqua!!! I love how it looks a lot like Teal.. :smile:
  12. French Blue gets my 'bright' vote!
  13. good lord!! :nuts: you already have quite the collection...I'd say go for the french blue...the color is so bright and beautiful, it really does POP!!! :drool: happy birthday!! :happydance: :balloon:
  14. Since I already have a rouge I won't go for vermillon
    and sorry to say this but I really don't like vert gazon
    I think my choice will be french blue or aqua
  15. Thank you so much girls
    I really need to see pics of french blue VS Aqua to make up my mind