Girls, I need help now!!!!!!!

  1. Girls, all my Gucci handbags I have bought at NM or eBay, never bought at Gucci. I'm 100% sure they are all authentic. I have one handbag that I need to repair. Will they fix it for me even when I did not buy it from the boutique? I'm desperate!:crybaby: :crybaby: , please help,:shrugs:
  2. Hmm.... you could always call and ask, tell them you lost the reciept or got it as a gift. But I think they will repair it for you, as long as it is authentic. Is this in regards to your broken zipper you mentioned a while back?
  3. No. I won a Blondie bowler on eBay. It is not necessarily in it's best conditions.:shame:
  4. I would take it back and tell them it was a gift. It doesn't hurt to try.
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