1. It looks like we've decided on a black city. :tup:

    I actually love Nicole Richie's beloved black city. She's one of the few celebrities who wear her bag religiously and wears it so well.

    I would recommend ordering from Aloha Rag. Their website is and their phone number is 808.589.2050. They'll email you all their available stock in the city and an order form, and you can go from there.

    It's a very reputable store and I can't compliment enough on their customer service. You'll get yours in 2 days, free shipping and no tax!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Another vote for City!!! :tup:
  3. i say black first or twiggy! i have a black first as my first bbag and i LOVE it! however, i recently go the twiggy and i find that size perfect! it wears nicer than the city IMO, and it fits more than a first!
  4. go for the city!!
  5. For your first B-bag I suggest City or Twiggy. Both are equally pretty - it just depends on wether you prefer a speedy-like shape or the flatter look.

    And here's another vote for aloha rag! There are no B-bags on their site - just write them at fo inquiries. Their customer service is amazing!
  6. i love a city bag- classic and it fits a lot! have fun making your choice!
  7. I vote for the City as well. The First is a little small I find, and although I loved the Twiggy and thought it was my fav, when I got my first City, I fell more in love! I think it's such a great size. Good luck with your choice ... I'm sure you'll get something that's perfect for you.
  8. Another city vote :tup: