1. Ladies ...I am really needing your HELP!!! I have been selling my items on eBay and have raised enough funds to get a Balenciaga bag and I want it to be Black but for the life of me I can not decide if I should go with the First, City or Twiggy and where is the best place to order it from??? I have looked and looked at photos on here so much that I am more confused than ever since they are all pretty. PLEASE HELP ME, I have no stores close by to try these on but have seen the city and first but never a twiggy IRL. I am soooooooooo confused.:confused1:
    Thanks :flowers:
  2. How tall are you?
  3. I recommend a city
    I have a black twiggy and first, so go figure?!
    I guess I want a city too.
  4. I am 5'2 and wear a size 8-10 in jeans
  5. Well, I'm a bit biased! I just got my black city from AFF today and I'm in love!!:heart: I will post pics later. You can never go wrong with a black city:yes: It's a classic :tup:
  6. hands down, go for a BLACK CITY! You can't go wrong with a CITY!!! :o)
  7. I'll agree. Go with the black City.
    AR just got more in this morning.
    Happy shopping and we can't wait to see her when you get her! :tup:
  8. well, at least this is a good problem to have!! I have a black first and adore it to death- I think the black first is just classic. However, the big question is, how much do you carry with you? with the first, it's fab because it's so light and easy to carry. But I do have to pare down how much I carry- I can carry my money wallet, a cosmetic bag about the same size that contains glosses, lotion, etc, my checkbook, cell phone, keys. If you carry more with you, then I'd say go with the city. Either size will look fine on you. Both are classics so you really can't go wrong!! It just depends on what will be most functional for you. :smile: GL!
  9. I also have a Black first & twiggy... and will plan on purchasing a city later this year. How many items do you normally put in your purses?
  10. I would get either the black city or twiggy for ur first bbag! Since it will be more versatile for u as it fits more than a first... I think the twiggy has a more laid back look to it...while the city can be more dressed up or down.... if u really love them both the same, go with the city it is the quintessential and most popular bbag style of all.
  11. I would personally go with a Black City!:yes: My first BBag was a Black First, which was absolutely stunning but a little bit too small for my needs. I still use my Black City a lot- it is a perfect day and evening bag IMO and I love the proportions and the way it looks. Here are some pics that might give you an idea of the size and proportions of both the First and the City! HTH!:yes:
    Black City and Black First next to each other:
    Black First worn by me:
    Black City worn by me:
  12. Black City! I absolutely love mine and want another one real bad.
  13. Amen!
  14. I vote Black City. Perfect size
  15. city! city! city! ;)