girls, i need a quick advice

  1. as i'm going to bid for a lv bag right now. there are two options...

    the one which is in excellent condition is USD 150 more while the one which is cheaper has a slight pen mark on the handle.

    which one should i go for? is there any way to get rid of the pen mark? or sort of like clean it so that it wouldn't look so obvious? TIA:flowers:
  2. can we have the links? are u sure they're authentic? and no I dont think a pen mark will come off, so if u know it will bother u, spring for the slightly more expensive one. :yes:
  3. personally i'd go for the one in better condition, because i'm a perfectionist and therefore a freak :P

    if you want to save, get the cheaper one, and you can try using baby wipes like some of the other ladies do to try and clean it. but DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!
  4. yes, it's the cerises in let-trade website
  5. haha, no worries... thanks. by the way yeuxhonnetes, let-trade has a brand new cerises right now that you might be interested!
  6. For me it would be worth the extra to get the one in better condition. :flowers:
  7. thanks :flowers:. but i already got my brand-new Cerises Speedy:yahoo:

  8. well, I guess I will join you in freakdom..:nuts:
  9. wow! congrats!:nuts: you are always so fast on getting what you want!
  10. okay, so i think it's better for me to pay more in order to get a better conditon one.
  11. do you mind telling me how much did you pay for it?:graucho:
  12. the pen mark isn't that bad.. but if it's something that would bother you, i would say get the one that better one.. $150 is a small price to pay for a peace of mind.
  13. $1450
  14. wow, lucky you! it's very reasonable! let-trade is going for $1599.99.
    haapy for you;)
  15. thanks :biggrin: