Girls, I hate kissing...

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  1. I have kissed a lot of boys in my little lifetime.

    And I have haaaaated kissing from the beginning until now. Bah!

    Am I odd? I imagine I must've kissed a few good kissers, at least, so it can't be that I never had a really good kiss...

    Tell me I'm not alone! :yes:
  2. :shocked:

    Oh dear.

    I don't even know what to say.

    I looove to kiss. :yes:

    Not just anybody, though. :lol:
  3. annie you're not alone......i have a kissing aversion too, but i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i'm grossed out by all saliva, including my own........i know it offends the guys i've dated but i just can't help it.....i try not to make it too evident though.....always thought i was the only person in the world that felt this way :Push:
  4. Me too! I hate even sharing drinks. Oh man... :hrmm:
  5. i`m sort of with you :huh:. I think it`s kinna of boring but still cute with the right person :lol:. Just don`t tell my bf the "boring part" or he'd probably cry :roflmfao::roflmfao:.

    Do you really hate it or just don`t find it fun?

    I prefer hugs :heart::heart:.
  6. i looooove to be hugged :yes:.......i know this is gonna sound freakish but when i eat ice cream i can't lick the spoon cuz i'm grossed out by the though of having to reuse it with my dried saliva now on it :sad:.....i'm sure my boyfriend would die if he ever read this post.......
  7. i loove kissing.. but i don't have germ / saliva aversions..
    but it's different with everyone.. with some ppl it's been much nicer than with others..

    Intlset hun.. maybe you just gotta find the right kisser.. or the right style of kisses for you?

    maybe you've only had thrusty tongue ones, the gross pushy ones, or the slobbery loose ones.. those are all icky..

    what about just lip kissing? open lips, but no tongue.. very gentle , slow, sweet ones.

    or gentle lip nibble ones..

    maybe if you started off with the first one, you'd find something you liked..

    hey there's a book on kissing.. i saw it in borders.. about all the dif types.. be cool to check it out =) think about what you might like. and find a skilled and patient boy..
  8. I prefer lip kissing over the deep throat tongue wagging kisses. I've always found those more repulsive than enticing. Lip kissing seems sweeter, gentler, and more loving to me. Not a big fan of saliva swapping too.
  9. For me to kiss, I have to have a connection with that person. Maybe that's the case? I :heart: kissing my BF :biggrin:
  10. Ewwwwwwwww even talking about kissing makes me squeamish! LOL I'm like 12...
  11. i prefer hugs/holds to kisses as well! i don't really like kissing cuz i tend to break out cuz of the friction :sad:.
  12. same here! :shame: although I wouldn't know, I don't have much experience (still in hs)
  13. I'm SO with you on this! Just reading the thread title I felt, no, you're NOT alone. ;)
  14. Yup, I'm with you on the lip kissing. That's good enough for me. I can't stand watching all those deep kissing on tv, gross!
  15. Consider yourself lucky. I've never been kissed and I probably never will. The thought is swapping saliva with someone kind of grosses me out too though. I can completely understand where you're coming from. I don't care how deeply connected I feel with someone. I just hate sharing germs. I wouldn't even want to hold a guy's hand if it was extremely sweaty.
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