Girls I Got THE CALL!

  1. I just got the call that the PCE is starting Fri 14. :yahoo:Are we ready for this again?!
  2. I just got the call too! I'm so excited!!:yahoo:
  3. Oh man I just bought the suede ergo patchwork..but i didnt remove the tags (its raining out so im afraid to wear it)
    What do i do? Um can i like price adjust one I get my PCE?
  4. Oh, good good! I get my paycheck this week! Need to buy something!
  5. My S.A. just called!!!


    I could smell the Legacy lining thru the phone....
  6. *cries* ;_; No call for me.
  7. i wish i was getting "the call" .....:crybaby:
  8. My phone's not ringing, either! :crybaby:
  9. I got a PCE CARD in the call though!!!!! CONGRATS to ALL of you!!!!!!! Cant wait to hear all the new purchases!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I think I will just call the store, ask to speak with my SA and tell her the large order I want to place, I think that will get an OK in no time. I think that I will also start on holiday shopping with a new tote for my sister....or do I get her a sm hobo in chocolate. I decided on the citron legacy flap, leather and a suede keyfob or two.
  11. If you didn't get a call, you might get an invite in the mail....
  12. Got the call today. PCE is the 14th-23rd
  13. Got the call today AND placed an order! :okay: Finally remembered to order the fragrance!!!!!!

  14. No call, but I got the invite in the mail today.
  15. You lucky ducks! I'm calling the Coach boutique now to see if I'm on the list!