Girls, HELP PLEASE- Dilemma!!


What to buy? ( what color is edgier n really rocks!!)

  1. Black City

  2. Grenat City

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have someone in HK who buy the Grenat City for me. But then he told me theres a BLACK CITY available too.

    I really really love to get Black City too but have budget constraints. I have Twiggy in black and am very much in love with it. I feel that black city "rocks" and is "edgier" than Grenat. Do I just drop the grenat city for black? On the other hand Grenat is such a cool deep color....urghhhh!!

    What you reckon guys?

    What is more worth it to buy? Black City or Grenat City?

    thanks in advance
  2. I vote for Grenat since :
    1 : this colour is TDF
    2 : you already have balck
    3: the black in City will be always available so you'll can have one later ;)
  3. I agree exactly with Fromparis. Go the Grenat!
  4. ITA Another vote for Grenat.
  5. Grenat! GRENAT! it's just exquisite!
  6. I have to agree with the others! There is something about the red bbags! Go for it!
  7. Girls, I forgot to tell you that I have City in Truffle. Is the Grenat color too near the Truffle?

    I have Black in TWIGGY and FIRST.
    Truffle and Rouille in CITY.
  8. no its not ...go for GRENAT its exquisite :yes: !
  9. I should have read your comments already have a rocking black in that case I'd get the grenat.
  10. Grenat!:yes:

    The colour is TDF.

    Of course, black is great too:yahoo:

    Sorry, I am not much help.
  11. Grenat! You already have the neutral colors, black and truffle.
  12. Grenat definitely. Great color that gives you that 'edgy' look. You can always get a black City later.
  13. I think the grenat is gorgeous, definitely edgy!
  14. Grenat! You already have the black in the Twiggy style.
  15. I think grenat is beautiful but depending on your wardrobe since I find it matches not a lot (but that is thinking of my wardrobe) I really think a black city would be great. But I'm biased since I would love to get one myself.