Girls Help Needed! Chanel COBALT BLUE ROI JUMBO VS. Balenciaga Outremer

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  1. Girls help needed here!
    I just cant decide between this two babies.
    I have been waiting for something blue for a while.
    It is so hard to pick up one from these two. :Push:
    I am 5.2 and 20 something, I did try the jumbo size before but somehow it looks awkwardly on me. a bit too big.
    My question is should I get a chanel or balenciaga? anyone know about the fading problem for outremer? If it faded the color at all.
    Love them both but my wallet wouldn't allow me to do so.

    Any suggestion would be great!

  2. blue roi hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!Your in the chanel forum....your going to get chanel!!!!
  3. Two very different bags. It's like comparing apples and oranges. But you're in the Chanel forum, so I'd say the blue roi. I am a bal gal, venturing into Chanel only recently. A few of the bal colors do fade, but it's too early to tell with the outremer. As you love the color on both, how about functionality? Which would you wear more? You said the jumbo is too awkward for you. I guess no such problem with the smooshy bal?
  4. haha, Thanks
    Im just worry about the size.
    The medium/large is perfectly on me but jumbo....:sad:
    I just cant resist the blue :whiteflag:
  5. #5 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    sistahs, pls don't stone me, but i honestly luv this shade on the bbag more! so fierce w/ the gsh!

    *runs for cover w/ pan on head!* before :lecture:
  6. Let me join you in hiding ;)

    I would choose blue roi in a heartbeat if it's lambskin. The caviar diffuses the color.
  7. From functionality part I guess I would use Bal more if it wont fade.
    I more want have for collection purpose, would love have one of such gorgeous blue in my collection.
    But If the jumbo doesnt look great on me then there is kinda waste of money.
    coz stores are sold out of that color, I can only get on ebay at much higher price.
    my current collection for chanel is PST and medium/large. for chanel Im more worry about the size
  8. LOL:lolots:Yeah you better hide for now.:bagslap:
  9. but lambskin is way too unendurable, thats why all my chanels are caviar expcet wallet.
  10. if you think that jumbo size is too big for you, how about Balenciaga bag which is indeed bigger than Chanel? :P
  11. haha, thanks for you input
    the bbags color is stunning too!
  12. I have 17 bals collected over 12 years, and none have faded- not even my four post 2007 non-chevres. Can't rem which particular color (or is it two colors) that have been known to fade. I'd say to go with the outremer. The blue roi caviar is pretty but not as pretty as the blue roi lambskin. Seen in that context and what you said about the functionality and size issues, it'd be wiser to go with the bbag. There will be another Chanel with your name on it down the road.
  13. haha, have a giant city, it looks nice on me.
    but the bbag is more bag while chanel is flap
  14. :biggrin: A bbag that is bigger than the jumbo? The PT maybe and the Work. But the bals are unstructured bags, so they don't feel or look that big.

    I think I am putting myself in great peril talking bbags on the Chanel forum.:nuts:
  15. I too prefer the bbag.

    lambskin > bbag > caviar IMO, for this color.