Girls! Help me!

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  1. Ok, so I had been eyeing the studded monk tote for a while...didn't really wanna spend the $ then found it on ebay through ItalyStation (bought it knowing I could return it)....I'm torn though--I like it but don't know if it's worth the $...if it's too trendy, etc!

    Here's pic

  2. is it heavy? I'm so afraid of heavy bags and since this bag has a lot of studs...
  3. It's not's about 2 lbs maybe...I had a Chanel Modern Chain that was heavier...I do know what u mean though lol...i'm so torn b/c I've liked it for so long, but I also dont know if it's one of those bags I'll get sick of quick...and I'd get screamed at bc I really can't afford it lol but ...girls & bags!!! :nuts:
  4. I love it! You should get it if your heart tells you so :heart:
  5. I love it.

    You can either dress it up or down. Very rocker chic and versatile IMO.

    Keep it!