Girls, help me! Ebay problem

  1. :crybaby:

    I bought a beautiful paradiso zucca and paypal sent me an email:

    "Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
    May 11, 2007: Our system detected unusual activity on a credit card linked to your PayPal account."

    I sent a fax with some documents but it takes 3-5 working days!!!!!!!

    oh my gosh! I hate paypal, I don't know why is doing this... :cursing:

    Have you ever had this problem?

    Sorry if my english isn't very well, I'm so angry
  2. No, I've never had that happen to me. Is there a phone number you can call or something?
  3. Yes, and I did all that paypal said :crybaby:

    and i want to know some experiences :crybaby:

    I don't want the seller get angry and negative feedback cause paypal #"$#%$&$%/%$/%/"#"# :cursing:
  4. Yikes. Maybe just email the seller and let them know what's going on. Did your payment already go through but it's going to take a while to clear or what?
  5. that's what i did first... email the seller... :yes:

    My payment go through but paypal "found an irregular use of my credit card" and PP opened an investigation for my credit card security :cursing:

    I don't know, if I should cry or laugh
  6. UGH!!!! I would be so pissed... :cursing:

    Just as longas the seller knows what's up. Maybe you can ask if they accept alternative payments... just in case, you know? you can have a backup plan!!!
  7. OMG, no no no. Sometimes people get those phishing emails which are not legit to try to get someone's personal info. Did it have a link to go to your paypal account?? go to your paypal account directly through and check your account there. They have an 800 number to call to, make sure its the same one you called. If you faxed or sent in personal info to the numbers listed on a fake email, you just sent hackers all your info!!
  8. i agree with spacytracy. scammers are able to use e-mail names that look legitimately paypal's. i hope the documents you sent them didn't contain any confidential info. if so... you must follow up, call your credit card company or something and let them know what's going on just in case these ppl do something to your account. i am so sorry you have to go through all that! remember what the real paypal says on their emails and on their site: that they never ask for your password, credit card information or ssn and stuff via email.

    hoping for the best.

  9. that happened to me before and I just had to change all the passwords and security was fixed soon after..I'm sure if the seller is informed about this they'll understand and not leave you bad feedback.
  10. Also happend to me, I opened a thread about it but someone moved it. :shrugs:

    Definetly do what spacytracy said, login directly from the website and check it out.
  11. Yes, log in directly through the web site. I've had an email telling me to update and log in via the email. I deleted the email right away.
  12. I always login to my paypal account, I know about scammers :p thanks

    And I'm happy cause Paypal restored my account but there's still an open case with the seller :shrugs:

    I don't understand !!

  13. oh that thing is common. just signin and change your pws and follow the rules, in a few days it should be fine, and you can use your account. if you wanna verify anything, call paypal customer service and i'm sure they should straighten things out with your account