Girls, help me diversify?

  1. First of all, I'm not really a collector kind of girl, so I don't know how I managed to get 8 Chanels! Looking at them, I think I need to diversify a bit. My current favoriates are the Luxe Flap, MC Tote, and blush patent flap. The other ones, need to be re-examined.

    Right now, I'm making the transition from career girl to SAHM for a little while, so I won't need dressy bags. And DH is no help. I hang the Luxe flap on a door knob 1 night, and the MC tote the second night, and asked him which one he liked, and he seriously looked at me all confused and said "is this a trick question? There were 2 bags? Not 1? Didn't you hang a BLACK bag???" Sigh.

    So, here are what I have currently. If you can only have 4, which ones would you keep? And if only 6? And if I keep all 8, would you keep those 8? Or change some? Which would you return/sell, and what would you add to this?

    Btw, Cabas and Cotton Club has already been ruled out. And I'm not into logos.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Luxe flap black
    2. MC Tote black
    3. classic flap medium blush patent
    4. MC flap red
    5. jumbo white
    6. jumbo black
    7. classic flap medium black
    8. vintage accordian flap black

    Maybe a luxe bowler or lady braid satchel would fit into here? If only 1 of out these 2, which 1?
    Luxe Flap flash wm.jpg MC Tote flash wm.jpg MC Tote on shoulder wm.jpg classic flap blush wm.jpg MC flap wm.jpg
  2. More pics.
    jumbo white wm.jpg jumbo black.jpg med black wm.jpg vintage flap accordian wm.jpg
  3. GORGEOUS!!! I would keep this one for sure!


    I would also keep the MC Tote, the blush patent, and the luxury flap. I know 3 of those are black, but they are very different styles.
  4. I love vintage flap! nice and roomy. Also the patent blush is TDF!!!! Wow dont give that up .
  5. I'd keep the blush patent, the accordion, the mc tote, and the white jumbo. I'd get a luxe bowler in a color and maybe a vintage ligne square tote.
  6. keep: vintage flap, patent blush, MC tote for sure!

    Hmm...keep either the black jumbo or medium caviar flap... not both

    lady braid or reissue would be nice!!! :yes:
  7. I agree with those who said to keep the vintage one, the patent blush, and the MC tote. I LOVE the MC tote, that looks amazing! Is it still available for sale? I'm new to Chanel so haven't seen it before. It looks awesome on you!
  8. I would sell: Luxe flap black, MC Tote black, classic flap medium blush patent, MC flap red, and jumbo black

    I would keep jumbo white, classic flap medium black, and vintage accordian flap black, and get a silver (or other color) reissue, or a gst in beige...

    Sorry, I am just really utility minded, and I love the look of timeless/classic chanel.
  9. keep the vintage flap, blush patent, luxe flap and black jumbo. But they are all TDF!
  10. Keep patent blush, jumbo white (unless you think it looks too huge on you), MC flap, and then pick one of the black bags. Which ones do you think you'll use the most? Some bags are super gorgeous, but just don't fit into your lifestyle, so those should go (if they must go, that is).
    Also, absolutely LOVE your collection!
  11. you DEFINITELY have to keep that vintage accordion flap.
    i'd also keep the black luxe flap (which can be dressed up), the white jumbo (same), and the black MC tote (for a bigger everyday bag).
    even though i think the blush patent is gorgeous, it is definitely dressy to me, so since you're trying to diversify with fewer dressy bags, i'd let that one go.

    ps. get the lady braid!! i adore mine!
  12. Keep:

    1. Vintage - no question about it
    2. MC tote - everyday bag
    3. Patent blush - can be dressy OR casual IMO
    4. Luxe flap - because you already have a classic flap

    I think then you'd definitely have "room" for a lady braid!! :yes:
  13. I think u should add a lady braid flap and a metallic luxe bowler!! :yes:

    I would keep:
    2. MC Tote black
    3. classic flap medium blush patent
    4. MC flap red
    5. jumbo white

    :love: :love: love your collection!! :love:
  14. I am no help !!!Keep them all !!!
  15. I agree with butterfliie......but, how old are your kids? if any are babies, there are some amazing Chanel cloth bags that could be diaper bags too and carry tons of things for your baby/toddler, and actually the Chanel baby animal line has a diaper bag in it. But if you don't like cloth Chanels or logos, maybe they wouldn't be for you (that line does have alot of logos)