girls guess what i got from coach?

  1. black leather carly and hampton embossed leather medium carryall in mahogany with its matchung wallet. now i am still left with a little bit of money and cant decide whether i should get the signature gallery tote or an ergo. girls please help me decide. i will soon post the pics of my new coach additions.
  2. :graucho:OH FUN!!!! Congrats on your new bags!!! :heart: that mahogany carryall! Yum.... For your next bag......I would choose Ergo! Which Ergo are you looking at? OR...wait for those beautiful bleeckers!....yeah, thats what I would do. Enjoy your two new bags and wait for the Bleeckers.. :tup: Don't forget to post pics!! I REALLY want to see that mahogany carryall...
  3. when are the bleeckers coming out?
  4. Good question....maybe someone can chime in. I think mid September or October??? Not sure.
  5. Sounds like the bleekers will be in stores in October, but I have heard some are available to order now. :graucho:
  6. does anyone have a pic of bleeker to post
  7. Congrats! Great bags!
  8. If you look on the thread titled "went to the Coach store sat and look what I found" she posted some pics of the bleeckers. I've been drooling over them ever sense....:drool:
  9. i would wait for your money to grow and then buy the ergo cause change is a good thing, then u can go buy lunch :9
  10. omg, hamptons carryall!!! aaah, please post pics asap! i love that carryall! i think i'm going to get it in the parchment. i saw it on sunday IRL. it's gorgeous! i saw the red one too, but it didn't really do anything for me. sadly, i didn't get to see the mahogany in person. maybe if i saw pics, that might sway me. for now, i'm dead set on the parchment.

  11. wow, congrats!! I'd get the Ergo next!
  12. Congrats! I love my ergo's, they're great bags!
  13. yes, pictures please!
  14. CONGRATS!!!!!! Please post pics!!!!!!
  15. :nuts::yahoo::cutesy::girlsigh:When is she coming out to play ? I want to see what Carly and her new friend looks like !