Girls from LA, tips on getting into clubs?

  1. Friends and i want to go to Area nightclub tonite. Heard its super hard to get in... even if u r a group of girls. Any of you lovely ladies have tips on getting into those harder to get into clubs?:wlae:.... i mean.... tips other than sneaking the bouncer a $100. heeh
  2. I'm watching the Hills marathon, too.

    Does Heidi still work at Area? Maybe she could hook you up?
  3. Normally you have to know someone or be HOTTER than Hot to get into a club that is always busy.

    And a 100$ tip wouldn't get you in.
  4. On a weekend, it's totally hard to get in...some girls are just luckier than others. You can also try going early, like at 8 pm.
  5. I'm sorry. I wasn't very polite. But please understand that I am old, and back in my day, though I was never really that avid a club-goer, back then all you had to do was say your name, which had always been put on some sort of a list by somebody or other.

    The one thing that I can suggest, although I have not ever stood in a line, on the couple of occasions that I ever had occasion to seek entry into a club without being on a list (such desire for entrance invariably originating on the part of a party-loving friend), what I did was not even bother with the line, but walk (not slowly, but at a regular pace) by it, in view of the doorman or bouncer, and cast a disinterested half glance his way while continuing to converse with my friend about some non-club-related topic.

    And every time I ever did this, the doorman stepped out and called to me, and asked if I and my friend would like to visit the club!

    Now the technique would probably require updating, but the principle is the same - a girl or girls, no matter what they look like, who are standing eagerly in a line are not going to be as attractive to a doorman or bouncer who has his instructions as a girl or girls, no matter what they look like, who are just passing by the club, and appear to have no interest in it, and are barely aware, if at all, of its existence or that of the dude with instructions!
  6. I don't think unless you are famous you will likely get in. Or you have to know someone.

    Good Luck
  7. I thought my original post may have offended some, so I edited it. Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason. The bouncer/manager may just like how one person likes more than the others. But yes, going early is likely to work.
  8. i hear Area is hard to get in unless you know someone. i went there once and it was because my friend's friend was a promoter.
  9. $100 dollers for the bouncer, will never get you in.. Trust me!
    Try going early.
    But it is unlikley you will get in, unless the bouncer knows you/ you know somebody hot!
    Good luck!
  10. It pays to know people, I know.
  11. i've honestly never had a problem getting into some clubs in LA! [ like area .. les deux .. josephs .. etc! ] there's been ONE time i went with someone recognizable .. so obviously that helped us .. but other then that we've gotten in .. i guess we were lucky or something! i truly think it's being there @ the right place @ the right time .. ya know ..
  12. Try and try ? I don´t know I only tried in Paris ! where obviously it helps to be a girl, but in Paris what matters the most is to have a good style, the kind of style they want in that place (and to be good looking) research to be done on the specific club.
    Now LA must be a whole diff. story....
  13. ITA. I've never been to clubs in LA or anything, but I would assume that if you have the attitude of someone thats' confident of getting in (and you look good) you're a lot more likely to get in than someone anxiously biting their nails and crossing their fingers that they'll get in.

    You have to have that attitude of confidence. Then again that's never a guarantee, but I'm sure it helps.

    The more sure fire way to get into clubs is knowing the right people. Unfortunately that's more a matter of who you're friends with.
  14. Were you able to get in??????
  15. You can make bottle service reservations (if you don't mind dropping major $$$); other than that Area is pretty much guest-list only.